Saturday, February 23, 2013


It's been awhile since I've posted.
Here's what has been going on lately...
I've been spending a lot of time with one of my best friends, Jodi, and her newborn baby, Brayden!
He is so precious and I love getting to spend time with them.
I'll go across on this picture above...
1.  We had a Sock Hop at work!  I wore a poodle skirt and polka dot head band.  I danced like a fool and had a blast!  Preacher Man would have been embarrassed.
2.  I made this sign from Pinterest and put it in the bathroom at work.
3.  This is what I come home to on Fridays a can't tell, but my sweetie has all of the lights off and he's laying down in the floor playing a video game.  Hooray for that feeling of getting off of work on Fridays!
4.  The red head in the corner...her name is Amanda, and she introduced me to the most amazing vanilla latte in the world.  It is pictured to the right of her.  
6.  I dream of that latte often.  It was out of this world amazing at a coffee shop called Jubala.
5.  We made cute little "Love" signs at work with painters tape and red and pink paint.  They turned out pretty cute.  Too bad you can't really see the entire thing.
6.  We tried out a new restaurant in town called Main Street Grille.  It's delicious!  This is Jon's biscuits and gravy.  He was in heaven! 
Here's the next set....this should really be like five blog posts, but I'm doing it all in one since it's been forever...
1.  We hosted our Small Group's Super Bowl Party and we had a blast!  We almost had 20 people in our little place.  The first picture on the top left are my mini taco bowls that I made.
2.  Of course I made a game up for everyone to play!  We all predicted the halftime score predictions and whoever came the closest got a prize!
3.  I made my first ever peanut butter sheet cake with chocolate chips.  Glorious!
4.  This is just a small glimpse of the food we had.  It was a delicious evening if I do say so myself!
Valentine's Day is next...
1.  We got a surprise package in the mail from Preacher Man's parents!  So sweet!  We definitely enjoyed the Olive Garden gift card and goodies!  Yum!  Thank you, again!
2.  Surprise!  we said we weren't getting each other anything, but we both did.  My man came home with a pink hydrangea plant and favorite.  Have you tried the Mega Stuff Oreos yet?  They are life changing!  I repeat, life changing!
3.  I made our annual heart-shaped cake!  This year it was a heart-shaped blondie brownie with chocolate chips.  And it was mmmm, mmmmm good!  :)
We got a blizzard here last weekend....or at least everyone here acted like we did.
1.  Me and Preacher Man were the two crazies that went out in the snow to buy none other than a potting plant and dirt.  Who does that on a snowy day?  We do!
2.  A picture of our place in the snow.
3.  We threw a bowl out back to try and catch snow to make snow cream.  We waited too long to make it though because all of the snow melted later that afternoon.
It's been a pretty good month!  We're looking forward to March!
Have a Super Saturday!
The Preacher's Wife

Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mom!

January and February are two busy months in my family!  We have a lot of birthdays!  Today is my Mom's birthday!  Happy Birthday, Mom!
My Mom is a fun lady.  She makes us all laugh a lot!  I think I get my goofiness from her!  For that I am very thankful!  I'm so blessed to have a Mom ( & Dad, too!) that have always been there for me to help me whenever I need it.  Whether it was an ear to listen to my problems and give me advice, or money for whatever I needed, I knew that I could always count on them.  They would both give me the shirt off of their back if I was ever in need.  I really have some amazing parents!
I'm also thankful for the relationship that Debbie Kay and I have.  I call her Debbie Kay often.  Mostly when we are out in public because I feel like she hears me better instead of calling her Mom.  Haha!  I'm glad she goes along with it too!  We have fun with it!  I'm glad that I have the relationship with my Mom where I can tell her anything.  I always feel like I can go to her with any problem that I'm having.  She is one of the hardest people for me to keep a secret from because I always tell her what's going on in my life.  I'm also thankful that she's taken my husband in as one of her own.  I feel like he is loved just like me and my sister are and for that I am so grateful.  Now he's the one that gets a peach cobbler made specifically for him every time we come home.  Hello!
My Mom is also talented.  She is the best piano player that I know.  And she's pretty good at directing choirs even if me, my sister, and Hailey made fun of her on this one song where she had to wave her arms in the air so fast.
If I lived closer to my parents, tonight I would have invited them over for dinner.  I would have made something delicious for my Mom.  Maybe tacos...or chicken cordon blue....or even pinto beans, turnip greens, potatoes, and cornbread!  I'd finish the night off with an Italian Cream Cake too!  She loves those! Maybe one day I'll live close enough to where I can do this.
Happy Birthday to you, Mom!  I love you so much and am so thankful for everything that you have done for me.  You are the best!
Lots of Love,
Your Daughter :)