Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Cream

We got some snow in Wake Forest!

Here's our front yard...

and here's the backyard...

Jon had to go into work this morning at 4 AM!  Eww!  He's pretty nice to go to work today because he made it safe for people around campus today.  I was lucky enough to get to stay home due to the "treacherous road conditions".

Once he got home he decided that we HAD to make snow cream!  So that's what we did!

We gathered the snow...

Luckily Jon caught a dead spider that almost made its way into the bowl.  Phew!

I was playing in the snow while he was gathering it and when I turned around he had gotten quite a bit!

So we got to work...

We mixed together 1 cup milk, 3/4 cup brown sugar and 1 tsp. of vanilla.

 Then we added our snow and ta-da!  Snow cream!

And a very happy husband!

Here's another fun picture....

I still have my pumpkin from October!!!  How crazy is that?  Maybe it will keep until this October.  Ha!

I hope you're cozy and warm wherever you are today!  I feel like a kid in school again!  Too bad I'm not at my parents house sledding down the big hill in the front yard....oh, the memories!

Happy Snow Day!


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

One of the Best!

I forgot to include one of the best pictures from the Carolina basketball game the other day!  Isn't it marvelous?!


Monday, January 27, 2014

Homemade Applesauce

Jon loves applesauce!

I had the day off, so I tried out Pioneer Woman's homemade applesauce recipe.

It turned out beautifully!

Jon said it was the best applesauce he'd ever had!  Yay! And it was very easy to make!  Hopefully me doesn't eat it all in one day because I know he's going to ask mento make more.  Ha!

Happy Thursday to you!


Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Super Happy Husband

We had such a fun time at the North Carolina vs. Clemson basketball game tonight! Jon has been a huge fan for a really long time.  As a present for his graduation this past December, my parents got him tickets to go to a game.  We ended up having a great time...and I'm not even a Tarheel fan!

We started our night out by eating at a local burger joint in Chapel Hill called Buns...

I have eaten here once before and I was sure that Jon would love this place.

We split a large order of fries (half sweet potato and half regular)...

There was a TON of fries!

Here's Jon's burger....

And mine....

It was soooooo good!

After we ate, we walked around downtown.  We went into a few stores....

This cracked me up!

We also walked by a cookie shop that I'd never heard of before...

What?!?!?!  Insomnia Cookies? Turns out that this place delivers cookies until 3 AM in the morning! Warm, gooey cookies!  Genius idea!

You'd better believe that I marched right in there and got me a cookie!  

Here were their options...

And if you know me pretty we'll, you know that I got the triple chocolate chunk cookie.

When I ordered this cookie, the guy working there got it fresh from the oven.  It was gooey, filled with delicious chocolate, and the angels started singing when I took my first bite.  Glorious!

Jon got a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie.  It did not disappoint!

After we were stuffed, we walked over to the arena for the game.  We had great seats!

As soon as we found our seats I made Jon get up and take a picture.  I'm that wife. :)

And again....

Here's everyone warming up...

And here they are running out...

The National Anthem...

And the introduction of the starters...

I also videoed this part, but my video won't upload.

Then it was time for the game to start...

I have to be honest...I didn't clap the entire game.  I'm not a fan of either team.  I'm a Duke basketball fan and a Tennessee girl through and through.  I really just enjoyed seeing Jon so excited and happy.  I almost cried at one point because I was so happy for him.  Ha!

While I wasn't taking pictures or trying to text people pictures (the reception in the arena was terrible), I was Jon's cup holder.  Haha...I figured I had better make myself useful.  

I really did enjoy watching the game. I love basketball, but like I said, seeing Jon so happy was priceless!

Once the game was over, we hung around for a bit to see what happened.  The Carolina fans sing some kind of song and that's it.

Carolina ended up winning and I was thankful they did because I had a very happy husband.

We had a great time at the game.  The next thing on our bucket list is a Duke basketball game.  We've been to a NC basketball and football game and a Duke football game, so that is all that's left.  Hopefully we will get there within the next few years.

Thanks again, Mom and Dad!  We love y'all!

Katie...and Jon, too!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Meet My Sister, Jamie!

Today I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner Blog for Singles Friday!

I want to introduce you to my lovely sister, Jamie.
You want to know her...I promise!
Here she is....

She lives in East Tennessee in a town located between Knoxville and Chattanooga.
The most important thing about her is that she's a Christian!
She's actively involved in her church back home.  She helps with the Children's Ministry there and loves going on Mission Trips...

Here is a picture of her when she went to Mexico on a Mission Trip...

and another one when she went to Gulf Shores, Alabama...

and here's a picture of her when she went to the Beth Moore Simulcast....

she's right there holding the sign on the left.  :)

Jamie is also a seventh grade teacher.  She went to the University of Tennessee Knoxville and went on to get her Masters in Arts and Teaching from a smaller college.

She is an AWESOME teacher!  Her kids and co-workers absolutely adore her!  I've been several times to her classroom and I can tell that she has a a great passion for what she does.

Did I mention she's really pretty too?!

This is a picture of her from my wedding in July 2010.

Family is extremely important to my sister too!
She's very close with everyone in our family.  Our parents, me and my husband, and our cousins.  Our younger cousins even call her Cousin-Aunt Jamie because they love her so much.  :)

Here she is on the right with me and my Mom when we took a Riverboat Cruise:

and here she is with Dad on the Riverboat:

and here she is with our Nana who passed away a couple of years ago:

And here we are together.  She's one of my best friends...

Friends are very important to her as well!  She loves traveling and going places!

Here she is on a cruise with one of our childhood best friends, Hailey.

She also loves going to sporting events too!  Football, Baseball, Basketball, you name it!  :)  She's a huge Tennessee Volunteers fan!

She also enjoys the movies too!  She LOVES when books turn into movies...although she always ends up liking the books better than the movies.

 My sister also lives with one of her favorite girls ever....

This girl is Lucy.  She is my sister's baby.  She's a schnoodle.  A schnauzer and and a poodle mix.  Lucy is a funny dog and she's a ball of fun to play with.

I think my sister is amazingly awesome!  She is SINGLE and ready to mingle.  :) She has the biggest heart of anyone I know and has so much love to give.  She would make a nice, Christian man a very great wife.

I feel a bit crazy doing an online post about my single sister, but I'm looking at this post as maybe a thing that could lead her to her future husband.  You never know what God might have in store on the world wide web.  :)  And obviously with Kelly's Korner, she's had quite a bit of success at linking up couples.  :)

I hope you enjoyed getting to meet my sister.  She's a beautiful person on the outside and even more on the inside.  I love her so much and hope that she will find a man to share a great love with one day!  Just leave a comment with your email address if you want to know more!  :)

Thanks for stopping by!

The Preacher's Wife

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


We finally got a good dusting of snow here in Wake Forest!

I took these pictures this morning before work.  It was around 20 degrees outside!  Brrrrrrr!

Thankfully none of the roads were bad today.

I had to sit my green tea on top of the car so I could throw all of my stuff in the front seat for work...I liked the looks of the orange and white so much that I decided to take a cute little picture.  :)

I'm enjoying the snow and hoping that the weather will decide to stay cold or be a consistent temperature.  The weather here is just like Tennessee though, so I'm not expecting much.

I hope you got snow wherever you are!