Monday, April 29, 2013

A Little Bit of Life

It's been quite some time since I've posted.
Life has been pretty hectic lately.  Always something on weeknights and weekends.  Life is starting to slow down a bit so I thought I'd catch you up on what we've been doing...
We were up to a lot of basketball in the middle of Jon's semester...
He played on one of the school's intramural teams and he did great!  Unfortunately, his team came in 2nd overall...but I thought that was still really good.  We also got to watch some of our friends from small group play in the women's intramural team too! 
Cooking has also become a new hobby for my husband.  If you ever need someone to help you peel potatoes, my husband is the man to do it!
We signed up to make a kid-friendly dish to church for a pot-luck and I signed up for mashed potatoes.  I was at work all day and Jon decided to make the potatoes himself...
Three pots of peeled potatoes is A LOT of potatoes!!  I was one proud wife though!
We've also had fun times with friends...
We had a women's night at church that I went to with Mary Ann and Amanda.  Jon and I have been going to the lake a lot more with the beautiful weather!  We also had a fun game night with Chad and Jodi too!  Jon finally got the courage to hold their little boy, Brayden.  When he held him he said, "You just hold him like a loaf of bread!"  It was hilarious!  Jodi has also turned into super mom!  Would you look at her technique of holding her baby, the bottle, and her playing cards...soo funny!  We also had our second Easter family dinner with Chad and Jodi.  We had two big meals on Easter, but they were both delicious!
We've also had family come visit recently...
My parent's came the week before Easter.  We went to The Cheesecake Factory, shopped, played a lot of Rook, and I even brought them to work with me one day.  I'm so thankful that they came to work with me the day that they did...I couldn't have imagined doing what I did by myself.  It was fun, but I needed a lot of help and I'm so thankful that they were there. I think they had fun...I know we did!  And thanks again for buying us a humongous Easter ham!  It was glorious!  However, I am sad that we didn't take them back to Goodberry's again.
The weekend after my parents came, Jon's parents and his Ma came to visit us.
We had an Easter Egg hunt thanks to Ma (because you're never too old for them), ate yummy food, went shopping in downtown Wake Forest, and got spanked by Ma in every game that we played.  It never fails when we play games with her....she always wins!!  Always.
Oh, and I made my sweet MIL try on some ridiculous shoes while we were shopping.  I know the picture looks a little funny, but I just had to put it on there.  I also cooked dinner for everyone and Ma used two spoons for dessert.  And she also traveled over 300 miles to iron my coffee table for me.  Hahaha!  (I had some heat stains on my coffee table and we found out that you could iron them ended up looking almost new again!)  We also found the cutest clock while shopping.  So cute and so me! 
We had such a great time with our families coming to visit.  It's always nice when the people you love the most come and visit you.
Now if only we could get our sisters out here!  (hint, hint, hint!!!)  :)
Other things that I foundfrom my picture library on my phone are pictures of food (duh!) and fun projects!
I made a new Spring/Summer wreath for our front door that I put up right at the beginning of March. I know my neighbors thought I was crazy. It's burlap with ribbon and flowers.
I also made some insane brownies for some friends birthdays. Oreo stuffed Blondie brownies with chocolate chips. They were out of this world delicious! I also had my honey and his dad make me a shelf over my washer and dryer for more storage. I found the idea on Pinterest and it is absolutely marvelous! I love it so much and it's just a couple of brackets and a piece of wood. It's amazing what a huge difference it makes. I also got to eat at a premier steak house here in Raleigh...the Angus Barn. The food was phenomenal. I know I acted just like my Nana would have if she would have eaten there. Every bite was the best I'd ever had in my life. I'm hoping we can got there for our anniversary! :) Lastly, I decided to add a few more pictures from the beach to my "beach bathroom". I took some wire and small clothespins and draped them from my mirrors. I felt like it turned out pretty cute and it allowed me to show off more of my fun pictures that I love.
That's a lot of what's been going on with us lately.  I did get to go on a wonderful Women's Retreat with my church, but that will have to have it's own post.  Life is going well right now and we're very thankful how the Lord continues to provide and bless us!
I'll try to keep this place a little more updated since life seems to be slowing down hopefully.  Only 3 more weeks of Jon's school left and then he's taking a break from it for the Summer.  Hopefully this Summer will have lots of house guests and cook-outs with friends!
Come see us soon!!  I'll make you some cinnamon rolls or anything else that you want!
The Preacher's Wife