Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sugarland...the Cupcakes!

I made Jon take me to a cupcake place a while back.  It was glorious!!
One of the best parts?
The name of the place...

How fun is that?
It really lived up to its name as well!  It had gelato and every cupcake imaginable!

Yum, yum, and yum!!

We ended up getting a cupcake and gelato.  

Vanilla gelato and some kind of chocolate cupcake with peanut butter, cream cheese frosting and snickers crushed on top.

They were both glorious! We can't wait to take our next visitors to this place!! Yum!!!!

Lots of Love,
The Preacher's Wife

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Jodi's Baby Shower :)

Jodi's having a baby!!!

So I threw her a shower!

I just love this girl to pieces!  I feel like I've known her forever.

I threw her a baby shower brunch on a Saturday morning.

Here is the table...

minus all of the food...oooppss.  We had cinnamon rolls, hash brown casserole, sausage balls, quiche, fresh fruit, apple cider, hot chocolate, and orange juice.

The tree says "Blessings for Brayden".  I made little ornaments for all of the guests to write little blessing for Brayden on them.

Here is sweet Sarah...

Jodi and her Mom...

Cinnamon rolls for everyone to take home...

Jodi and Rachel...

more ladies...

and even more...

we played the game where everyone guesses how big Jodi's belly is by measuring out pieces of ribbon...

and we played the dirty diaper game!!!  I melted different candy bars and everyone had to guess what kind of candy bar was in the diaper.  Quite hilarious.

Especially the faces that were made...

and then Jodi opened her presents...

She got some great stuff!

While we were having Jodi's baby shower our husbands were out playing Spike-Ball...their favorite game ever right now.  When they got back I made them play the dirty diaper game too!  Hilarious!
they really got into it...

I had a lot of fun planning the shower and I hope that Jodi enjoyed it!  I couldn't have done it all without my hubby and my wonderful mother-in-law who helped save the day!  Thank you to both of you!

Little Brayden should be here in February!  :)  Whoo hoo!
Wishing for More Cinnamon Rolls,
The Preacher's Wife

Sunday, December 23, 2012

It Looks A Lot Like Christmas!

Since my family can't make it to our place while our house is decorated for Christmas I thought I'd take them on a virtual tour...

Here's our Christmas tree and stockings...

our ledge with garland and pictures...

the other side...

Merry Christmas coasters and a snowman candle holder...

Nana's nativity...

a little shelf...


Christmas plates in the china cabinet...

a closer view...

the best sign ever above my stove...

new Christmas towel from Hobby Lobby...

my cupcake tree on top of the refrigerator...

our tree outside....and I even made the bow...

and the new Christmas wreath that I made too...

here is our tree one day before we went home... (sorry it's a little blurry)

Hope you enjoyed walking through the house with us!

Have a very Merry Christmas!

The Preacher's Wife

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Best Birthday & Thanksgiving

Check this out...
It's a cupcake card and a magnet and it sings.  Whoa!

I had one of the best birthdays that I've ever had in such a long time last month!  This birthday was so special because I got to be around the people that I love the most.
My birthday started out with me and Jon driving home to my parent's house the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  When we got there that night (probably around midnight) my parents were waiting on us to get there and had some birthday presents for me to open.  They were so sweet and spoiled me rotten.
Isn't this wrapping paper the cutest?

The next morning we got up and my mom made us homemade cinnamon rolls that were delicious!!  While the rolls were baking I got a wonderful phone call that led to me accepting a new job closer to home!  I am so excited and thrilled to get this job and I can't wait to start at the first of the year.  
Needless to say, my day started out great and it wasn't even 9:30 by then.  So blessed!!
Since it was my birthday I opted not to take a shower and I wore my favorite Tennessee sweatshirt and sweatpants....even though my sweet husband got me the cutest shoes that I had been wanting for 
my birthday...but it was my birthday, and that meant that I didn't have to take a shower if I didn't want to.  Ha! Since I was so smashingly dressed, me, Jon, and my sister hit up the junk stores in town.
 This is by far one of my favorite things to do when I come home!  And of course, we found 
great bargains on quite a few things.  After junking, we met the parentals for Mexican.  It was 
Afterwards we went to finish going through my nana's stuff at her house.  I thought it would be weird going on my birthday but it was actually okay.  I sort of felt like she was right there with me in my day just by standing in her house.  Of course, I miss her terribly, but I know that she is in a far better place now than she was in earth.  Thankfully, I was able to take her nativity scene back to North Carolina with me.  That was very special.  My sister also found some things that she liked...

Isn't she a beauty?  

That afternoon we went back to the house and rested for a bit and then we had a campfire in the backyard.  It was so much fun sitting around the fire with my family!  I just love them so much!  We have a lot of fun together!  And you better believe that we sung around the fire!  :)
and made s'mores!
The next day was Thanksgiving and it was a real feast!
Just take a look at the spread below at my Mom's side of the family...

after Thanksgiving we had a mini photo shoot in the driveway before hubs and I left for Thanksgiving #2...

They told my sister not to get the bottom half of their outfits but she did anyways....I thought it was a pretty funny picture to put together.
P.S.  Doesn't my sister's hair look fantastic curled like that?!  I might have done it.  :)
That afternoon we headed up the road to spend time with family and eat some more.
We also got to hang out with our little niece and nephew.

Fun times!  Addie Mae enjoys making silly faces!

On Friday my sister, Hailey, and I shopped until we dropped.  We even went to see a movie in the middle of all of it. 
My birthday and Thanksgiving were so great this year!  It was so fun to be around family!
Here's to wishing you a happy Saturday,
The Preacher's Wife

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


We recently packed up some boxes and sent them to the other side of the world!  :)
It's so much fun filling these boxes up!  I get such a thrill out of going to the Dollar Tree where everything is $1!  I hope that the kids who receive our shoe boxes will be just as thrilled as I was when I was shopping for them....Dollar Tree has some awesome stuff!
The best part about our shoe boxes is that we paid online so now we can track our boxes to see where they end exciting!  Whoo hoo!  I hope you filled up a box too!
Lots of Love,
The Preacher's Wife

Friday, November 16, 2012

A Visit from the Parentals

My parents came to visit last month and it was such a pleasure having them here.  Sometimes I don't realize how much I miss them until I see them and then they leave or I leave.  I can't wait until this time next week and I'll have already been home for a few days!  Whoo hoo!
While they were here we had a lot of fun!  They also brought a trailer full of new goodies for my house.  After my Nana passed away, I decided that I would love to have some of her things to remember her by.  That meant that my Mom and Dad brought over a few things like a china cabinet, a pink love seat that everyone in my family thinks is hideous (but I love it), and a few other things.  I love everything that they brought over.  I miss my Nana terribly, so it's nice to have things that were hers to remember her by. 
So while my parents were here, I made them come to work with me one day.  I made them sing and play the piano at the place that I work at.  It was wonderful and so much fun!
We also went to Carolina Ale House to eat!  Yum!
And the next morning Aunt Jemima made them some waffles!
(This is my new apron that Maw sent me in the mail.  Isn't it lovely?!  I even got a hair doo rag too!  I got a Duke apron and Jon got a North Carolina apron.  We're a house divided.)
Here's the waffle:
It was quite tasty. 
Later that day, I took my parents out shopping....we went to a few different store, ate some Mexican food, and I took them to this place....Goodberry's (only the best frozen custard place around) and something huge happened!
My Dad doesn't eat sweets.  He hasn't for a long time now.  And he ate some custard at Goodberry's!  I was in shock!
This is him telling me that it's Sugar Free and not a big deal....

Now look how excited he is to be eating that custard!!!!

Yum-O, Dad!  You did it!  :)
Here's me and my parents...if you look close, you can see Jon taking the picture!

Later that night we hung around the house and Preacher Man and I sat on our lovely, new pink love seat.  I love it!

I love when people come visit...especially those that you love the most!  I can't wait to get home soon because it feel like I haven't seen our family in forever!
Have a Happy Friday!
The Preacher's Wife