Saturday, June 30, 2012

A FUN Saturday

I just finished my first full week in a new job out in Chapel Hill!
It was an absolute blast!  I'm really enjoying the job AND also the area of Chapel Hill (gasp!)  Even though I'm a Duke fan, Chapel Hill is a neat little area.

 A few weeks before I started by job, I surprised my hubby with a fun-filled day of exploring the new area where I'll be working.

He had no idea where we were going until we got to Chapel Hill.

Our first stop of the day was here...

He had no idea that this place existed.  I think he almost peed his pants when I told him where we were going too! 

As a Duke fan myself, I wasn't that excited to go, but I knew that he would absolutley love it!

And that he did.

Here are some pictures from the Museum:

When you first walk in you get to watch a video about NC Basketball...

I thought the picture above turned out so cool!

I was really glad that he wore the shirt that he wore that day.  He picked it out without even knowing where we were going.  Perfect!

Here is a big symbol with everyone's autograph on it:

the museum was pretty large...

and went high up in the sky...

and then we found his favorite:

Michael Jordan!!

Did you know that Duke wanted him to play there back in the day too?

And to think my husband could have been a Duke fan!  :(

He was pretty happy!

I loved getting to look at all of the rings in the museum too!

They also had a room with all of the fancy trophies that they have won throughout the years.  (barf!)  :)

And you could pick which year that you wanted to watch them win the NCAA tournament.  I think Preacher Man really liked this one!

And all of these trophies...

I was very impressed by the Museum.  My husband came out an even bigger NC fan and I still came out a Duke fan, but impressed by the Museum.

After our fun excursion through the Museum, we went and had lunch at Monterrey!!!!!!!!

I was so excited to find that Chapel Hill had our favorite Mexican restaurant from back home there.

It was very tasty, but the one back home still holds the trophy for Best Mexican.

After our lunch we headed on over to a food/cooking lover's dream store.  I had a friend that told me about this store so I most definitely had to check it out.  It's caled A Southern Season:

and it was AMAZING!!  Over 55,000 square feet of food, cooking supplies, restaurant, coffee shop, bakeries, you name it!  Unreal!!!

I signed us up to have A Taste of Southern Season Tour that lasts about 45 minutes that afternoon. 

Here we are sitting in the waiting for the tour...

Let me just say that it was a lot of fun!  We got to taste test a bunch of different stuff....$25/lb toffee, cheese, breads, coffee, tea, and wine, but we didn't get any of that.  :)

It was all very tasty!

They were also having a huge sale in their store and I snagged this cute little cupcake nesting bowl set...

Come to find out they were measuring cups once I took them out of the ribbon!  Too cute!  I also thought they would be perfect to have an ice cream party with.  I could put different toppings in all of them and it would be soooo cute!

I just love anything cupcakes!

We also did a little shopping/goofing around in the mall as well.  You might can tell a little bit about our goofing around below:

Our little niece Addie Mae saw this picture, and she let out the biggest belly laugh when she saw this!  It was hilarious!  I think this picture is quite comical as well.  :)

We had a wonderful Saturday exploring Chapel Hill.  I'm sure there will be many more to come. 

I think the next thing on our adventure list is going to a Durham Bulls Baseball Game....and to Maggiano's--an Italian Restaurant....or I'd go to the Angus Barn too.  That'd be a real treat!  :)

I'll keep you posted on our next adventure!  Until then, have a Super Saturday!  :)

The Preacher's Wife

Monday, June 18, 2012

A New Toy

I got a new toy this weekend that I am very excited about!

Just look:

A beautiful, red Kitchen Aid Blender!

Soooo pretty!

I've been wanting a new blender ever since my Magic Bullet Blender died on me.

And that was probably about 3 years ago.  :)

I don't have to wait any longer because I got this new toy to play with.  Whoo hoo!

Last night we made smoothies and boy were they yummy!

Ingredients that we used:

Frozen Mixed Berries (blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries)
Frozen Fruit by Dole (I had a coupon!) that consisted of sliced strawberries, peaches, and bananas.
1 fresh banana
a couple of splashes of orange juice
a few scoops of vanilla yogurt
& a little drop of honey

Here's the mess we made below:

I blended it all up and within 20 seconds I had a delicious and healthy fruit smoothie!

And guess who else loved it just as much as I did?!?!?!

The man who doesn't eat anything green or any other fruit aside from bananas!

He liked it!!!!!


Would you look at that smile on his face?

I felt very accomplished.  He was eating 6 different kinds of fruit, yogurt, AND orange juice!

That's an accomplishment.  Just ask his mother.   :)

I can't wait for more adventures in blending stuff up with my new toy.

Hope you have a marvelous Monday!

The Preacher's Wife