Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today is a very special day!
Today is my Dad's Birthday!
I only wish that we lived closer right now so I could have invited him over to mine and Jon's house to eat a delicious birthday dinner.  I would have fixed homemade chicken enchiladas, chicken fajitas, or tacos.  I would have even made guacamole and gotten some chips and salsa, too!  And I might have even sprung for some cheese dip!
  And most importantly he would have gotten to eat off of my special, red birthday plate.
Maybe we'll have a birthday dinner when he and the fam come in March!
And then I can take you to Goodberry's like you ate the last time you were here.
That was exciting and I'm still in shock that you ate it!  Even though it was sugar free and all!
I'm so thankful for my Dad and the relationship that we have.  It's nice to know that he is more than just a Dad, but he's one of my best friends, too.  I always know that I can count on him for anything in life....even if it means that he and my family drive over 800 miles in one day to help me and Jon move into our first place together.  He's the easiest and one of my most favorite people to talk to on the phone (and in person, too....we just have to talk on the phone a lot since we live far away from one another).  We always have the best phone conversations that make me smile!
I'm grateful for everything that he's done for me in my life.  I'm thankful that he and my Mom raised my sister and I up in church and always pointed us to the Lord.
And I might get in trouble for doing this, but would you look how precious this picture is below?
It's my dad and his dad.  I never got to meet my grand-dad, but I'm sure if he was anything like my Dad he was a fantastic man!
I only wish I could give my Dad a big hug on his special day...I know that I'll get too soon enough!
I hope today has been a great day, Dad!  I love you!
Your Daughter
a.k.a.  "The Preacher's Wife"

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