Saturday, November 2, 2013

NC State Fair

We had such a fun time at the North Carolina State Fair last weekend!

We have lived here for almost three years now and I can't believe that we had never been before!  We ended up going on a Sunday night....the very last night of the fair....that is also when 50,000 other people decided to go too!

It was wall to wall people, but Jon and I still had fun seeing everything.

This was one of the first food booths that we saw....

Supposedly these are turkey legs (I've never seen a turkey that large) and they had grilled corn on the cob....

I took a picture to show how crowded it was!  At one point in time we were walking in a single file line...

This was one of my favorite rides when I was younger...

I haven't been to a fair since high school and I didn't remember seeing things like this at the fair that I went to...

I got so tickled at this.  The only other time I remember seeing this is in the movie "The Little Rascals".  We didn't go in to see the smallest woman in the world though.

We did play some games...

We didn't win a single thing in any of them! :(

BUT...we did try some fried Oreos!!!!

They were delicious!!

Very much what I thought they would be like!!  Ooey...gooey...deliciousness!

My husband was so sweet and tried so hard to win me a prize since I never had a boyfriend when I went to the fair...haha!  He was so cute!

He didn't win anything because I wouldn't let him spend $50. :) I appreciated his efforts though.

We saw this one slide and it looked like fun...

but we didn't ride any rides because there was a big incident on this ride...

a little too scary for us!!

We weren't too adventurous at the fair, but we still had a lot of fun seeing everything.

I think next year we will go on a weeknight!

Until then, we will just dream of funnel cakes and fried Oreos! 

The Preacher's Wife

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