Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Wild Saturday

It's been wild around here today!  I hope you can sense some sarcasm!

Here's what we did today...

I tried out a new way to take off my fingernail polish...

It was amazing!  You take a small piece of tissue paper with fingernail polish remover on it and then place that on top of your fingernail.  Then you wrap a piece of aluminum around your fingernail.  A few minutes later and your polish comes off easier than you could ever imagine!  I know it seems complicated and looks like you have alien hands, but it is awesome!  Trust me.

We also had some sausage biscuits for breakfast.  Jon started frying the sausage while I was watching one of my shows on the Food Network and when I got into the kitchen the sausage patties looked like hamburgers.  They were huge!

I stared cracking up and he cut them in half.  Love him!!

The sausage was delicious! 

We enjoyed a fun, lazy day around the house today.  We watched some basketball games, a movie, and we hooked up the old school Nintendo!

That's right...

We played the very first Mario Brothers Game today!  It was so much fun!

We did have to dust it off though to get it to work properly.

We even played a little Tetris!

I was amazed at how many of the little secrets I remembered to this game...

And for once, I got to be Mario!  I was always Louigi when I was younger because I had an older sister that got to be Mario!  Love you, sis!

We've had a lot of fun today!  

I'm determined to beat this game.  I'm going to have to put it up soon or else I'm going to become addicted to the most fun game of the 80's!  Oh, the memories!

Hope you've had a great Saturday!


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