Saturday, July 30, 2011

Family Portraits on the BEACH

We took family portraits on vacation....which was almost two months ago...and I'm just now posting...oooppss.  Life has been busy.  Hope you enjoy! 

So here's the story...

We all piled up in the van dressed alike to go stand on the beach and smile.  Luckily we all really like each other!  Haha!  :)  We really do.  :)

Here is me, Preacher Man, and Ethan on the way...

funny face!

The beginning to all of the pictures...
such a cutie!

Precious little girl!

all in the family!  :)

Love this one!


he had a hard time just standing around smiling...he needed a break!  :)

Love the in-laws...they are fabulous!  :)

me and my honey

we were cracking up the whole time we did this!

it looks like we're all going to go take a swim!

the girls...

the guys!

Mom and her kids...hahaha...that's them being them.  Hilarious!  :)


Family picture by the dunes...

One upset baby...


I think she was over the pictures.

So then we went to eat some seafood!

It was yummy!!!

Here is Preacher Man with his little crustacean-y thing.  Ew. 

Grosss!!!!!  I hate crustacean-y things.

It's staring at me!!!!!!!!!

and here is David teaching us all how to eat them...
(I didn't partake)

up close look...


even little Ethan ate it!!  He ate it because Bear Grillis would eat it!!

getting gum balls after dinner...

And then it was time to play putt-putt!!  Fun, fun!

We're a mess.  :)


She doesn't seem to recognize her aunt and uncle...

or her grandparents....hahahahahaha!!!  :)

If you haven't noticed, the putt-putt place was pirate themed.  It even had a little show!

Me and Preacher Man

Go Nana!!!

Preacher Man and his Momma!  :)

and him and his daddy.  :)  I wish I could remember what he just said in this was funny...I remember laughing.

David is showing us how to some golfer person.  I don't remember their name either.

Here we are again....this was an awesome round of putt-putt for me!  I got 2 hole-in-ones!  I've never ever done that!  I was so pumped!

And we ended the night with Nana's birthday peach cobbler that I made her!  It sure was shiny.  :)

It sure was a fun vacation and I sure am ready for another!!

Lots of Love,
The Preacher's Wife

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