Friday, July 15, 2011

sand + fleas = sandfleas

Remember that thing that the fam was so eagerly searching for in the ocean?  Remember this picture?  

So those things....I don't know if you remember or not because it's been 10,000 days since I updated my blog but just look at the end of the previous post and this one will make since. 

Those things...they are called sand fleas.  I assume that is how you spell the word.  They are the craziest little things that are found at the beach.  Something that I never knew of.  Crazy.  And gross.

Here is little Ethan searching for one.

A.M. doesn't care anything about them.  She wanted her bubbles.  :)

Hubster found one!!!  Look at that!  It's so tiny!

They sort of caught a whole bottle of fleas.

They look like sand roaches in my opinion.  They come in with the tide and try to bury themselves in the sand when the tide goes back in.  It's a strange thing.  This was definitely a neat little experience.

It became a fun new activity and "game" for the guys!  Hahaha!

Ethan loved them too! 

I promise we let all of them go that we, or they put in the bottle.  I didn't catch them.  :)

Big buddies!

They had so much fun out in the ocean...

Preacher Man is showing Ethan how to body surf.  I just love his face!

Sister Jennifer found a jelly fish.  (I just laughed out loud because it sounds like she is a nun.  She's not.  She is Preacher Man's sister.  I just couldn't delete that after I typed it because it was too funny!)

Still playing in the ocean....

I made them pose for a picture...of course!

And then they saw a shark....Preacher Man grabbed Ethan and started running towards the beach.  He'll be a good daddy one day.  :)  I just love this picture.

I love this one too....she finally warmed up to the sand.

And me and her Mommy (Sister Jennifer) decided to make a sand castle.

Just check out our sand compound!!!  It is awesome!!!

A closer view....complete with a moat and everything!

We are proud!!!  :)

Check out the sea shelled walls that we made!  Thanks to Mother Nancy (Preacher Man's Mom) to helping collect the shells!  I appreciate you!  :)

We even put a fun feather in the top of our compound!  And just check out those walls!!!

And then our compound got hit by a tornado.  His name was Ethan.  We happened to be leaving the beach so he thought it was appropriate.

It was a real twister!!  :)

Back to the condo we go...

hi-ho, hi-ho, hi-ho!

Next beach pictures!

It's finally the weekend!

Everyone have a lovely Saturday and Sunday!

Much love and apologies for not posting in 10,000 days,
The Preacher's Wife

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