Sunday, August 14, 2011

Vacation--The Finale

When I realized that I hadn't put ALL of the vacation pictures up on here from June I decided that I just had to put the rest up on the blog.  Soooo here they are....

Here are the two peas in a pod--they were the cutest thing to watch!

This was Ethan after her had just jumped in...all you can see is the splash.

And here he is jumping on top of his uncle.  So awesome!

Teaching him how to swim...

Having fun!

Look at me!!!  Canon Ball!!!

Here is my cute stinker!

Weeeeeeeee!!!!   Catch me, Jon!

He loved running over to me after I would take his picture....I think he liked the action shot of him jumping in the air.  :)

And here is this sweet girl...just hangin' out being cute...she doesn't have to work hard to do that.

I think she is debating on whether she wants to go run through the water or not.

And now we're on our way to go eat at Lee's Inlet Kitchen.  One word:  YUM!  It was sooo delicious!

I just happened to catch this precious picture on the way there.  Ethan was sitting in Preacher Man's lap and he was holding his uncle's hand.  Too precious.  (Shhh....don't tell the law he wasn't buckled up!)  :)

And here is one happy man!!!!!  HUSH PUPPIES here we come!

The best in-laws EVER!  :)  Love them to pieces!

And the rest of the them too!  :)  Right now I'm really missing them!

And here's Preacher Man's sister and brother.  I mean brother in-law.  You know what I mean.  :)  I love them too!  Love you, Jennifer and David!  :)

And here's me and the honey.  He's cute in Tennessee orange.  Everyone please tell him that.  :)

And here we are being reeaallll cute.  :)

And of course, on the day we had to leave....we had to make an early morning trip to the pool!  Of course!

Here they are talking about life!  :)  I can only imagine what they are saying.

and here they are in the lazy river!

Someone is trying to be lazy and someone isn't lazy.  :)  Ha!

And here he is taking a swim before we had to leave...

Go, Ethan, Go!

We will miss you,


We're ready to go back!!

Stay tuned for adventures with my family coming to stay for the weekend!

We had a grand 'ol time!

Everyone have a super duper week!  :)

Lots of lovin',
The Preacher's Wife

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