Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Visit From the Parentals & Happy Father's Day

My parentals came about a month or two ago.  It seems like forever ago.  Maybe I'm just wishing that they would come back soon!  :)  (hint, hint!)

So the first picture I took was when we took them to the mall.  I took this picture for my sister so she would come visit asap.  :)

And it was Nordstrom.  I knew she would cringe when she saw this.  She loves to shop!  :)

And of course we went to Williams Sonoma!  It's only my favorite store in the mall!  And of course, my dad made best friends with the man who was trying to sell him an espresso maker!  Hahaha!!  So fun!  (and he has no idea that I took this picture!) 

ANNND we went to the yummiest place on Earth....The Cheesecake Factory!!!
And we got one of our favorite things there...the Fried Macaroni and Cheese Balls.  They are just heavenly!!!  So so so good!

And then we all split this....

Red Velvet Cheesecake!!!  AMAZING!

The next day was Father's Day....so we took Dad fishing!

Here is me padre and me husbando (I can't remember the Spanish word for hubby...sorry).  They had some bonding time!  :)  Precious.

What do you think they are thinking?  Haha!

Here they are again!  :)

And again!  I am so annoying to go fishing with!  I take your picture multiple times!  Ha!

And guess who caught the first fish!  That would be me!  :)

Another reason why I'm not fun to go fishing with.  I might have rubbed it in their face that I caught the first fish!  :) 

And look at this cute little toad!

A close up view of him...

and then Dad picked him up for me...

he was teeny tiny!  so cute!  :)

Here's my men fishing...


and my daddy...

I'm not as cool and relaxed as they are when I fish!  haha!

Here is my hubby.  He is probably changing his lure because I caught a fish before he did.  :)

Having lots of fun!

Then we came back and I cooked Dad a yummy Father's Day Dinner complete with chicken kabobs, hash brown casserole, green beans, and homemade rolls, and grape salad.  It was quite yummy!  Matter of fact I'd really like to have some right this minute!

And then I showed my parents how I have my own beauty shop outside of my back door!  :)

I'm ready for them to come back soooooooooon! 

Dear parents, please come back soon!  I miss you!

The Preacher's Wife/Your Daughter :)

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