Saturday, September 10, 2011

sunsine, summertime, & the summers = a fun time!

Goodness!!!  It's September!  This post is from about oh, almost two months or so ago?!  Maybe....I'm not sure to be honest.  I feel like it's been forever ago!  I'm ready to relive it though!  Come along with me!  :)

So our dear friends, The Summers family came to stay with us for the weekend.  There are 6 brothers and sisters all together, but only 5 got to come.  We missed you, Jordan!

For their big adventure traveling over to NC we decided to take them to the beach since we only live a couple of hours away.

So that's what we did.  We all piled up in the big Summers van and went along.  We brought along our friends Jodi and Chad and precious Andrew.  (funny story about Andrew to come...stay tuned!)

We left around 10 AM which was about two hours or so past our 8 AM call time that we all talked about the night before.  What can I say, I just had to make some homemade cinnamon rolls for everyone and it kinda took a long time to bake.  :)

Once we finally got on the road there were fun times ahead!

Here is Jodi, Emily, and Bethany in the back of the van smiling big for the camera...

and here is Melodie and me or me and Melodie...I really like that!  It has a fun ring to it.  :)

And here is manly love....awwwww.....


After driving for a couple of hours and then taking about two more to find a parking spot we finally made it to the beach.  Thank...goodness!!  :)

So we frolicked and played for about six hours on the beach.  We packed a picnic, plenty of drinks, lots of sunscreen, games, and the weather was on our side!

Here's the boys playing around with the Nerf football that went zooooom. went zoom.  It made a noise and it was loud and it said zoom.  I hope you can follow me.  :)  Ok, back on track...

I just love this picture of the sky...pretty neat:

and here's the BEACH!  :)  We went to Wrightsville Beach...

more zoooooming going on below:

It was somewhat of a windy day too.....some people were smart and brought a kite to fly around...

Do you see my precious hubby standing in the middle wearing a white tank top?  He's so cute!  :)

Haha!  Love you, honey!  :)

And here's Jodi, Chad, and the hubs playing Bachee ball...a real fun game for the day!

and here's some people frolicking below...I'm not sure if I know them or not?  :)

And in this picture you will see our cooler for the day.  In this cooler was some very precious things....

1.  Lunch
2.  Drinks
3.  Fruit
4.  Ice

Now you see, I worked hard on these krispies.  I even put them in a container that water couldn't get in from the ice in the cooler.  I thought I was being smart.  That is until this man below got into them...

See that man in the white shirt with the cool shades staring at the camera below?

(Please excuse David Hasselhoff and Queen Bethany in the picture soaking up their sun)  That guy in the shirt....his name starts with C and ends with olby!

He ruuuuiiinnnnned my krispies.  Luckily everyone had gotten at least one krispy with sprinkles before he threw the whole pan in the sand.  I knew my pan was water proof but it sure wasn't Colby-proof!  Ha!

Oh, Colby!  I still haven't forgiven you for ruining those krisipes!  (Kidding!)  1.  I can't stay mad at people for very long.  I got over it pretty quick.  And 2.  I can't be mad at someone who is out hiking the Appalachian Trail as I am sitting here writing this.  He would probably kill for a rice krispy treat with some sprinkles on it now.  Poor guy.  I think about him every time I see mountains and then I wonder if he's lonely or hungry.  And then after a few minutes I snap out of my worries and remember that many a people have hiked that trail and many a people are probably on that trail too...and well Colby, he's a tough guy....he'll be fine!


Back to the beach...

Here's the crew all together....

and from a little bit further away

this was our camp for the day.  We enjoyed it!  :)

Now if you know me pretty well I can be sorta random at times and talk about random things.  :)
So while we were at the beach I started talking about the show Baywatch. 
Maybe that isn't so random since I was at the beach and that is a beach TV show?!
You be the judge.

So then I started snapping some pictures...(some were posed, some weren't)
Enter theme music from Baywatch.....
dum, dum, dum, dum, dum....
"Some people staaaannnnnd in the darkness.....afraid to step intooooooo the liiiggghhhtt,
some people need to help somebody......."

"I'lllllll be readddy!!!"


Never you fear!

No don't you fear!!!!!"

Andrew does a mad David Hasselhoff impression of jumping waves and running to save the precious children or hot babes out in the ocean.  :)  See the children admiring his jumping the wave skills?!

Here he is coming back in.....

Children have been rescued!

That's right America....I know David Hasselhoff!  :)

One last jump over the wave before he goes back to his tower...

So Andrew was sorta planned for his David Hasselhoff run.  After all, he is the one that I was talking to about the show Baywatch... and of course goofy Andrew decides to give me his best David Hasselhoff impression.  Love it!
The other boys...they weren't planned.  :)
I just had good timing when I snapped that picture!

So the rest of the day was filled with playing on the beach...

and sitting around chatting and soaking up the sun...

and then we had to leave.  :(

but not before having a little fun before we leave...

Some of us posed like we were Superman...

and then some of us really acted like we were Superman....

or Buzz Lightyear...

To infinity and beyond!!!!

You're a funny guy, Andrew!  :)

We took a few pictures before we left...

Here is me and Jodi...

me and the hubs...

Jodi and her hubs...

And then we all went out for Mexican!  Because nothing satisfies my tummy more than Mexican!  :)
And also because I had picked out a fun looking restaurant that was close to the beach that we went to.  It was a cute little place downtown that looked like it would be a lot of fun to go to. 

Weeeelllll.....when we found the place it was sort of a crazy hole in the wall place that didn't look to family friendly if you know what I mean.  ;) 

So in fear of having the youngest Summers mother never let her daughter come visit us again I decided to ease on down the road and find something different.

It just so happened to be was pretty tasty too.

And we might have all been really hungry, tired lobsters at the end of the day...

Here is Bethy and Colby...

Emily, Melodie, Andrew, and sweet, precious Paul...doesn't he look like a precious guy in this picture?!

and here's another fun shot....

Chad, you look like you're having the most wonderful time ever!!!

Okay, that's better!  :)

We really did have a fun time on our trip to the beach!  I can't wait till next time for the Summers to come back and visit again!

Annnnnnnnnnd I know we all can't wait to see this fat kid come home from the Appalachian Trail.

I know he's really not fat.  Duh.  But I tried to fatten him up with the most humongous piece of strawberry shortcake before he went on his trip.  After all, that was the last time he was seeing us for a while!  :)

Missing the Summers Family Lots and Lots,
The Preacher's Wife

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