Friday, November 16, 2012

A Visit from the Parentals

My parents came to visit last month and it was such a pleasure having them here.  Sometimes I don't realize how much I miss them until I see them and then they leave or I leave.  I can't wait until this time next week and I'll have already been home for a few days!  Whoo hoo!
While they were here we had a lot of fun!  They also brought a trailer full of new goodies for my house.  After my Nana passed away, I decided that I would love to have some of her things to remember her by.  That meant that my Mom and Dad brought over a few things like a china cabinet, a pink love seat that everyone in my family thinks is hideous (but I love it), and a few other things.  I love everything that they brought over.  I miss my Nana terribly, so it's nice to have things that were hers to remember her by. 
So while my parents were here, I made them come to work with me one day.  I made them sing and play the piano at the place that I work at.  It was wonderful and so much fun!
We also went to Carolina Ale House to eat!  Yum!
And the next morning Aunt Jemima made them some waffles!
(This is my new apron that Maw sent me in the mail.  Isn't it lovely?!  I even got a hair doo rag too!  I got a Duke apron and Jon got a North Carolina apron.  We're a house divided.)
Here's the waffle:
It was quite tasty. 
Later that day, I took my parents out shopping....we went to a few different store, ate some Mexican food, and I took them to this place....Goodberry's (only the best frozen custard place around) and something huge happened!
My Dad doesn't eat sweets.  He hasn't for a long time now.  And he ate some custard at Goodberry's!  I was in shock!
This is him telling me that it's Sugar Free and not a big deal....

Now look how excited he is to be eating that custard!!!!

Yum-O, Dad!  You did it!  :)
Here's me and my parents...if you look close, you can see Jon taking the picture!

Later that night we hung around the house and Preacher Man and I sat on our lovely, new pink love seat.  I love it!

I love when people come visit...especially those that you love the most!  I can't wait to get home soon because it feel like I haven't seen our family in forever!
Have a Happy Friday!
The Preacher's Wife

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