Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Trip Home to Tennessee :)

Preacher Man and I were excited to take a trip home to Tennessee to see our families this past weekend.  We were going to surprise everyone but we figured as soon as we did everyone would have plans for the weekend already so we ended up telling mostly everyone! 

One day we're going to surprise everyone good though!  And it's going to be awesome!!

We both took this past Friday off of work so we could get a head start on the road.
We ended up leaving before 7 AM and headed out for the long drive to my parent's house first.

ANNNND....we got to stop at Biscuitville!
I was stoked to stop here.
I had never heard of this place before until we came to North Carolina, and every time we pass by the exit for it I always say that I want to eat there.

I don't have to say it anymore though!
We stopped in and got us some biscuits!!  :)

Their sausage biscuit was delicious!!!  I highly recommend it.  It was the perfect flavor of a homemade biscuit taste that wasn't too buttery or too flaky.

My honey enjoyed his while driving.  Ain't he cute in his camo and toboggan?  It was quite chilly.

While my hubby was ordering our food in the drive-thru, I started talking about every kind of food on the menu saying "I'll take this, and that, and that...." just being silly.  And would you believe that he really ordered one of the things that I was pretending like I wanted?!

He got the cinnamon cluster...okay, maybe deep down I really did want this.  :)

take a look at this bad boy...

It was amazing!  Oh so very good!

Since we got a good breakfast we eased on down the road.  We were nervous about traffic because of the rock slide that happened in the mountains on I-40, but all was well!

I even documented some of our trip through the mountains this time...

I'd be lying if I said that these rocks and curvy roads didn't make me nervous!

Harmon Den is the exit that my husband took me too on one of our first dates.  He took me hiking to MaxPatch.  Absolutely breath taking up there!  :)  Breath taking to get up the steep hills and a breath taking view.

And the tunnels!  Gotta love these!

I always hold my breath and make a wish.  And sometimes toot the horn if no one else is in there!  Hahaha!

Coming out of the tunnel.  Please note that we didn't use our GPS one time this trip.  I think we've finally figured out the way home!  Ha!  And check out my new Febreeze car air's absolutely amazing and I highly recommend them!

I always get really excited when we start seeing mountains again...and especially when we see this sign below...

Watch out for falling rock...


We made it home safely to my parents house but before we got there we pilfered through the junk stores in town to kill time and look for some good deals.  You just never know when you're going to find $4 shoes and $12 basketball goals.  :)

Unfortunately we didn't have any luck this time.  :(

But we did get to see my family!  :)

And Dad even took me for a ride in his new toy that night when we went to go grab some pizzas! 

Meet Little Billy.  My Mom gave Little Billy his name.  That is my Dad sitting inside Little Billy.  His name is Ron.  :) 

Dad bought Little Billy to be his "town truck".  His truck for riding around on their land, hauling the garbage, and his little truck to drive in the rain...and I think he got it because he got a real good deal....and now everyone in town wants to buy Little Billy!  I can't blame them though....Little Billy is so cool! 

He has a tape deck and he's a stick shift!  I think he's just precious.  And I also think my Mom, sister, grandmother, and myself would be very sad if Dad sold Little Billy.  We all really like him.
Haha!  :)

We hung around with my family on Friday night and ate pizza and then we went up to my Nana's house to watch a movie and bake cookies.
The next morning we had a yummy homemade breakfast and then my sister and I made a trip to Hobby Lobby-my favorite store on earth! 
I'm working on a fun project that I'm so excited about and I'm glad that I got to go to HL to get my goods for it.  Annnnd I might have bought a few things other than what was on my a cute beach picture frame for my beach bathroom that I'm creating.  :)

We also celebrated my Mom's birthday!!

YUMMM!!!!  Happy Birthday Mom!

Later than night we went up to see Preacher Man's family too...they're all my family.  I don't discriminate.  I love them all so much!  :)

It was our nephew, Ethan's last basketball game so we wanted to watch him play.
We ate a yummy home-cooked meal that his sweet Mom let us pick out the menu for that night and then it was off to the basketball game...

but we did have a few minutes to play...

Aren't they cute?  I think he missed him!

And one day I'm going to learn how to put that train together without the directions!  :)

Off to the basketball game we went...

Here he is warming up....

and practicing his shot!

And he even tipped off for his team!  Go Ethan!

While the game was going on I hung out with this little one too...

We had a fun time together...

and this is hands down my favorite picture of the entire weekend...

Hilarious!  :)

Her brother did a great job playing basketball.  I was the crazy aunt that jumped up and clapped every time he scored.  :)  Yup, that was me.  :)

Go Ethan, Go!

Addie Mae has a new thing she does with the men in her life.  She goes up to them and asks them if they want to fight.  She will then play around with some punches (not actually hitting them) and they will too.  She will act like she gets hit, fall down, pop right back up, and go for it again.  It is so funny to watch!

Here's the Team Mom...

She was so sweet and brought all the kids cupcakes and juice after their last game!  BUT this isn't Ethan's last game, he got picked to be on the All-Star Team!  Whoo hoo!  :)

We had a wonderful weekend at home seeing family and friends.  And we also had a fun time going through the snowy mountains on the way back to North Carolina...

Isn't that pretty?!

Thanks for coming on my trip with me!

Hope you're having a great day!

The Preacher's Wife

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