Monday, February 20, 2012

a fun little project

I worked on a little fun project this weekend.

I haven't joined Pinterest because I'm scared to.  I'm scared that I will spend countless hours looking through all of the fun stuff on the website and get nothing accomplished because of my love to craft.

I did see this one thing on Pinterest one day while I was just browsing the home page for a few minutes.

It was a frame that said "I Love You Because..." and then you could write on the glass part of the frame with a dry erase board pen and leave a note for your loved one.

I thought it was a fun idea and decided to recreate it along with a few other things that I thought would be fun to have on a board.

Here's how this all started...

I got this lovely frame below from my parent's house last weekend while I was home:

and I also got some fun crafts at Hobby Lobby....fabric, stickers, ribbon, and letters:

First, I covered the back side of the teddy bear picture with the fabric.

And then I ironed the fabric with starch to make it extra smooth.

Next I just laid out my ribbon, letters, and stickers on the board.

I knew that I wanted to have three categories on my board....
1.  Bon Appetit-I really want to start planning our meals for the week so when we are standing at the pantry and say that we have nothing to eat, we can look at our board and remember that we do.  And hopefully this will help our eating out habit that we are trying to break.

2.  Our Daily Verse- Preacher Man and I are wanting to memorize scripture more so we can quote it in times where we really need encouragement or need to give encouragement to others.  I thought this would be fun to add into the board as well.

3.  I Love you because....I thought this one was just too cute to pass up.  I'm sure this one won't always be a sappy thing for us either.  There is no telling what will get thrown on that board in our house.  :)

I cut all of my stickers out for my board and placed them in each section...

and then I straightened them up a bit...

and then I decided that I didn't need to use any of the other stickers that I had bought because I thought it would take away from the board.

My hubby also helped me with the frame and polished it up real good for me.  Thanks honey!

After getting all of this mapped out I decided it was time for a break...

so we went to the movies...

and split our Coke Icee!  It's become a new tradition for us to do this every time we go to the movies now.  We went and saw The Vow.  I wasn't a fan.  It shouldn't have been called The Vow and that's all I'm going to say.  After the movie, we went and got a big 'ol steak from the store and grilled out for our Valentine's Dinner. 

And then I finished my board:


I'm really pleased with the way that it turned out and I can't wait to use it each week!

I'm hoping this will keep us a little more organized, become better at memorizing scripture, and let us leave little love notes for one another.

I'll let you know how it goes!
Hope you have a great week!
Lots of Love,
The Preacher's Wife 

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