Saturday, July 28, 2012

Proud Sister :)

I just had to take the time to share with you how proud of a sister I am of my two sisters!

Let me just say that they are super crafty and make super cute things.  :)

Check out this first project that my sister Jamie did.

She's a school teacher and turned her ugly burgundy chair into a vibrant piece of art.

Just call her Crafty Cathy as she says! 

A total drab to fab makeover.

Isn't she awesome?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

And just take a look at this next project that my sis in-law did!

Her husband is a principal and she's in charge of the Welcome Back Breakfast for the Teachers.

Look at this ADORABLE centerpiece that she did for the table:

And let me just say that it's not even all the way done and it's this stinkin' cute!

I looooove this! 

I'm so proud of these ladies and I love them both so much!

I got crafty sisters,
 yes I do,
I got crafty sisters,
how about you?

Love you both, Jamie and Jennifer!  :)

The Preacher's Wife

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  1. Hi Katie! Guess who...Lynette!
    Looking forward to reading your blog. I have one too, not very good, just a little this and that.