Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Vacation in June

I'm just a little bit late on posting about our fun vacation in June!

It was a fun one!

It was especially exciting for me because it was my last day working at my old job and all of my co-workers threw me a surprise going away party.  Even though I'll still be working for the same company, I won't be at the same place anymore.  It was so bittersweet.

Here is one of the cakes that they got for me.

I wasn't able to get another picture of the other cake because it was a huge surprise party with over 100 people in our lobby chanting my name.  It was so very sweet and it made leaving this place so very hard.

I've already gone back to visit!  Ha!  :)

So it was a going away party at my job and then it was off to vacation with Preacher Man's side of the family!

We headed out to North Myrtle Beach which is fairly close to where we live here in Wake Forest.

Would you believe that we got to the right location this time?!  Last year we went to Myrtle Beach instead of North Myrtle Beach.  Ooops.

We finally got out to the beach and had a blast.

Here's a family photo:

Please notice how white me and Preacher Man are.

I did good the first day of not getting burnt, but by the end of the week I was fried crispy and it hurt to get out in the sun.  :(  I still had fun though!  :)

Here the boys are catching sand fleas.

It just so happens to be one of their favorite things to do at the beach.

And it's quite funny to watch!  :)

Here's Nana & Jennifer:

and David & Jennifer...

and sweet, little Miss Hollywood, Addie Mae:

She's a diva!

and she is good at making new friends on the beach...it was fun to watch her interact with other little ones

we also flew a kite on the beach...

and Preacher Man and his Dad did a little body surfing too!

And it wouldn't be a beach trip without golf...

Here we have the yellow team versus the blue team.

Gotta love the blue team!  :)

They might have planned this.

We also went deep sea fishing one day.

I caught a fish too!

Check it out:

And none of us got seasick!

Thank goodness!

And the deckhands were exactly like what you think they would look like!  Ha!  :)

He was pretty excited to catch a fish!

And this is for all of you who know how much I hate crustaceans!

Love it!

And thanks to the best Dad #2 for taking us all fishing!  :)

Now who knows what movie this is from?

Freeeeee Willy!  :)


And here we are at Lee's Inlet Kitchen--the most yummy place!

And the next day (the day after I got burnt pretty badly) we went back out to the beach.

And I sat under the umbrella the entire time because it hurt too bad to get in the sun.

I felt bad too because this momma was getting worked overtime! 

She has skills!  :)

Gotta love the pools we make at the beach


the sand castles!

We also played putt-putt several times:

and ate real good food!

and played putt-putt again!

and did our uncle and aunt-ly duties for the week:

like goofing off and being silly!  :)

We also did some souvenir shopping.  I wanted to buy this for my sister--she loves Hello Kitty!

And of course we went to go get some ice cream!  Just look at that!

don't you just love this hat?

I really love these two together!  They are so fun to watch!

Can't wait for next year!

One day this picture is going to be reversed!  I think that Preacher Man's nephew is going to be bigger than him.  :)


Hope you enjoyed going on vacation with us!

I know we had fun and I hope that you did too!

The Preacher's Wife

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