Sunday, October 28, 2012

Randy & Candy come to Wake Forest!

One of our favorite couples from back home came to visit us in September!  We had such a fun time with them! 
 Randy is one of the Pastors at our church back home in Knoxville and his wife, Candy is the ultimate pastor's wife.  She is such a smart lady to learn from and I just love her to death!
When they got here on Friday night, we took them to Carolina Ale House...because that's where we take pastors!  Ha!  It's actually a delicious restaurant!
Here is me and Candy in front of the restaurant:
Randy & Candy inside...
and here is Chase, Jon, and me...
Chase just moved here from Knoxville too and he lives across the street from us!  He and Jon grew up together, so it's pretty neat to have him here now. 
The next morning we got up and I made panloafs for everyone.  Panloafs are pancakes on steroids.  They are roughly about the size of a regular dinner plate.  My sister, my friend Hailey, and I might become famous for them one day.
After breakfast we took Randy & Candy on a tour of the campus.

I forget how pretty the campus is every time I get to go up there.

Here they are sitting on Jerry & Nancy's bench (Jon's parents). 

It really isn't their bench, but we like to think it is.
Candy and I found some buckeyes!!

Here's the Missions Building:

And another buckeye.  They're supposed to bring you good luck so we kept ours.

Here's Randy figuring out where everything is...
We also took them to Shorty's Famous Hot Dogs for lunch.

You haven't been to Wake Forest unless you've been to Shorty's.  It's a hole in the wall joint, but it's quite tasty!
I think they liked it!
After we got done eating lunch, we did a little shopping and caught part of a hockey game that was going on.  None of us were really dressed for the hockey game, but it was fun to watch for a bit.
It was pretty chilly in there.

And then we went to.....

Goodberry's!  The best place for frozen custard goodness! 
It seems like all we ever do with people when they come to visit us is take them shopping, eat a lot, and play games.  I just have to make sure that they get to experience the maximum amount of things when they are here!  Even if we do eat three square meals a day, shop till we drop, and are play games until we're all exhausted.  What can I say, Chateau J & K aims to please our visitors!  Haha!  :)
Later on Saturday night, we might have eaten some more food!  Ha!  I made chicken fajitas for everyone and we snacked on those and some chips and salsa.
The rest of the night was spent laughing and playing games.  Randy & Candy taught us a fun, new game called "Greedy". 
The next morning we took them to our church and then they hit the road.  :(
We had SUCH a fun time with Randy & Candy coming to visit.  I told them that we have to make this into a yearly event now that they will both be retired by the end of the year.
Thank you Randy & Candy for coming to visit us!  Thanks for driving out here to see us, bringing us a bag full of goodies, taking us out to eat, and getting me the cutest cupcake candle.  We love you all and can't wait until you come back!
And for those of you who are reading this and have never come to visit us, it's time to book your trip!  :)  We love having people from back home come to visit us.  It's like bringing pieces of home to us for the special!
Hope you enjoyed our fun time!
The Preacher's Wife
Next time, I'll tell you about my parent's trip here...

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