Saturday, October 24, 2015

The last one and we are caught up!

This past June I finally got to go to Georgetown Cupcake!  I had to go to Atlanta for work and I got to go to Buckhead and try these cupcakes.  I've always been a fan of the television show DC Cupcakes on TLC, so I was really excited to try these cupcakes.  

I was a tad bit excited!!!

It was so dreamy...

I loved the little pink boxes!

So, I was in Atlanta for three days and I bought three cupcakes.  I had every intention of bringing Jon home a cupcake, but somehow it didn't make it to him.  I don't know what happened to it?!

I ordered an Oreo cupcake, a double chocolate birthday cupcake, and a red velvet cupcake.

They were so beautiful!!!  Now, did they live up to the hype?  Well, they were good, but I've had better.  I was somewhat disappointed, but then I just decided that I don't have a palate for fancier things.  At Georgetown, they use fancy chocolate and some kind of Irish butter. I'm just used to good 'ol Land 'O Lakes butter and Hershey's chocolate.  Don't get me wrong, they were delicious and I would go back, but I've had better cupcakes.

On July 4th, we didn't have any plans, so we went to the outlet malls, to Hobby Lobby, and to play putt-putt.

Don't we look like we are at the beach with the tree behind us?

Ha!  This was the other side of the picture!  Not the beach!

We also watched the fireworks in Wake Forest and that was a lot of fun!

I also made patriotic cupcakes for a cookout!

We also had a going away party for a sweet friend who moved to California!

I fell in love with flowers from the Farmer's Market this summer...

Jon and I celebrated five years of marriage and I got a sparkly gift....another ring to go with my set!  I love it!

I got the cutest little cake from my favorite cake shop!

I surprised Jon to go play golf at UNC's golf course on our anniversary.  He has always wanted to play here and it was such a fun surprise!

We had a great time, even if everything was Carolina blue!

We also splurged and went to the Angus Barn!   It was AMAZING!

They have so much delicious food before you get your main entree.  There is cheese and crackers, olives, pickles, you Jane it.  It is SO good!

And they have the BEST salad!

We both got steaks...yum!

And a special anniversary cake!

We ended up taking a ton of food home.

This summer I also created my first little succulent creation with help from my friend, Anna...

We also came home to see Amie get married...

And we went to the beach for Labor Day!

I did some reading....

I've never read Harry was pretty good!

We did some fishing...

And saw some sharks off of the pier! 

I had so much fun watching the sharks!  I was the crazy lady on the pier yelling about the sharks!

We played putt-putt and Jon's golf ball got stuck!  Haha!

I got to spend lots of time with this cutie...

I also realized how much I hog the covers at night...whoops!

We swam...

Played on the beach...

"Cooked" on the beach....

This was my strawberry shortcake!

And we had some fun with silly string!

Jon and I got up early one morning to see if we could see some dolphins...

We didn't have any luck, but we did find $20!  

We fished some more....

And please note the year on Jon's shirt!  Ha!

And I went to the prettiest golf course ever....Caledonia....

This golf course has the most beautiful live oak trees!  It is just gorgeous!

The golfers...

This is what you see when you drive up to the clubhouse....

It's perfect for pictures...

They had good hot dogs, too....

Don't you love my design?

On our last day, Jon and I explored Murrels Inlet a little more.  We ate at a place called Wicked Tuna.  I tried some fish tacos and they were delicious!

And Jon ate mahi mahi...

We also went on the Marsh Walk where we saw Goat Island.  There is a man that brings his goats to this island for people to see during the summer...

This was our view for lunch...

And the yellow house is where we stayed...

We had a fun time, but we all missed David!

Soon after we returned home, I received some items from Wal-Mart!!

I did a little early birthday shopping!

And oh my goodness I am in love!  Pioneer Woman came out with a new cookware line and I want everything in it!  It is all so adorable and so me!  

I also had a big event at work that was similar to a painting class that you go to.  All of the proceeds went to Alzheimer's.  It was a big success and was such a great time!  I decided to do a big cheese board for the event and I had the best time doing it!  

Cheese is one of my love languages!

I was thankful that my second mom was there for the night to help me get everything together and she got to paint with me, too! 

Aren't we just the best artists?!  I definitely felt like Bob Ross!  It was a lot of fun!

Until next time,

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