Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Time is Here...and then it came and went! :)

My Mom keeps on asking me when I'm going to put pictures up of our place decorated for Christmas.

And now Christmas has come and gone.  :(

And here I am writing about it after the fact.

I started this post a while back before Christmas but never got around to putting up pictures of our place for the family to see.

I really think my Mom (who asked for this the most) should just come visit with the rest of the family, but seeing as how that's not on the schedule this season this will have to do.

So without rambling on,

Dear Mom,

Here are the pictures!  :)

Here are some pretty red and white tulips I had in my kitchen...

and a different angle of them...

Here is our tree mid way December....

The tree topper on our tree is what Preacher Man used to propose to me.  It will be the tree topper for FOREVER!  :)  It's kinda special.  :)

Here's my festive window treatment...

You can still see the snowman pillow in the picture even though I turned off the lights.  :)

And here's our tree before we left to go home...

They all got wrapped and loaded!  FINALLY!  :)

Here is a fun new ornament that we got from our precious friends Chad and Jodi. 
They are our family away from family.  :)

If you can't tell in the picture it says Jodi, Chad, Jon, and Katie on the ornaments.
Sooo cute and sooo thoughtful! 
Thanks again, friends!  We love you!

Moving on to the tour...

Here is our side table with Santa's shoe...

And here's the tree that I put on the coffee table...

And Mom.....look at that snowman with the fish!  :)

I put Jon's picture beside it just for you!  :)

(Mom gave us the snowman holding a fish at Thanksgiving!)  :)

Here's our shelf...

I really just took this picture for my cool platter that says "Christmas Calories Don't Count"!
Hahaha!  If only that were true!

And here's our staircase complete with garland and stockings...

And I just remembered that I forgot to take a picture of my Kitchen table and Kitchen tree.  Sorry, Mom!  I had a cute cupcake tree in the kitchen and on my table I had a cute cake plate with a candle on it and precious snowman place mats.

Are you seeing all of this in your head?!

I know you are!  :)

So there you have it!

A Christmas Tour of Chateu J & K!

Hope you enjoyed!

Still Wishing I Was On Christmas Vacation,
The Preacher's Wife

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