Monday, December 5, 2011

J & K's Sweet Eats & Delicious Treats

Craft & Bake Sales.

Ahhh....they're not as easy as they look.

Nope, not at all.

I can now cross of something on the bucket list.

That something was to participate in a craft and bake sale one day.


The Seminary had a C & B Sale for all of the seminary wives or lady students to participate in to make a little extra cash for the holidays.

Here's how the story goes:

Preparation for Craft & Bake Sale:

Lots of long, hard work on making and planning what the booth was going to be.
Decided to sell hand-made wreaths, fresh caramel apples using the fun apple corer that my Dad let us borrow...annnnnnnd we also sold petros.
Several trips to Wal-Mart, JoAnn's, and Michael's (no Hobby Lobby around here makes for sad times when shopping for crafts!).
Lots of hours spent making wreaths.
Dipped Caramel Apples for pre-packaged caramel apples.
Caramel dripped off of caramel apples.
Apples were put in freezer to make caramel stay.
Caramel stuck to apples because of the genius idea to put apples in freezer.
Caramel dripped off in bags once they were room temperature.
Blob of caramel in bags of pre-packaged caramel apples.
Make chili.
Humongous pot of chili.
Probably 10-15 gallons of chili.
Don't want to eat chili for a while.
Eww, chili.
Make Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bars.
House smells good b/c of Pumpkin Choc.Chip Bars.
Wait until the morning of to stuff bags with choc.chip pumpkin bars.
Figure out how much we should charge for all of this stuff so we don't give it away for free.
Go to bed and try to get sleep.

Morning of Craft & Bake Sale:

Wake up at 6AM.
Wake up husband as well.
Tell husband how much you love him for getting up early and helping you.
Get dressed for the day.
Pack up half the things in my house to take the the C&B Sale.
Hubby loads car for the day.
Realize that it wasn't a good idea to wait until morning to stuff the bags with the pumpkin chocolate chip bars.
Feel stupid because I chose some awful bags to pack our bars in.
Want to say un-Christian things.
Refrained from saying un-Christian things.
Left house at 7 AM ish.
Go to work to blow up balloons.
Get sausage biscuits and big 'ol sweet tea from Bojangles.
Put make-up on in car.
Arrive at Campus where the C&B Sale was held.
Realize that we can't park in the door.
Park in a parking lot far away from door.
Unload car.
Walk to gym.
Realize I didn't dress warm enough.
Huff and puff up the stairs with what feels like 1,000 pounds of junk to sell.
Arrive at booth.
Hubby finishes unloading.
Set up table with goodies.
Hubby leaves. 
Tell hubby I owe him big for all of his help.

Craft & Bake Sale Starts:
Here is our booth:

and here are the wreaths:

9 AM
No customers.
9:30 AM
No customers.
Not understanding why no one wants a caramel apple for breakfast!?!
Prospects look at wreaths.
Prospects walk away.
Want to start slashing prices because they aren't buying my wreaths.
People tell us how cute and pretty our booth is.
9:45 AM
Still no sales.
The people who had the booth beside us bought two bottles of water!
Woot.  We sold something!
People tell us how cute and pretty our booth is.
Time keeps on going.
Lunch time is starting to roll around.
Chili starts selling.
Sell first wreath.
Feel like a rock star because I sold a wreath.
I didn't even think it was the cutest one.
People tell us how cute and pretty our booth is.
More people look at wreaths.
More people walk away from wreaths.
First price slash of wreaths.
People tell us how cute and pretty our booth is.
Sell caramel apples.
People are fascinated by apple peeler and the concept of fresh apples.
People tell us how cute and pretty our booth is.
Many people taste samples of pumpkin chocolate chip cookie bars off of our sample tray.
Some people buy.
Some people shake their head.
I think those that don't buy want to vomit in their mouth b/c they are bad or something.
People tell us how cute and pretty our booth is.
Feet start to hurt.
Shouldn't have worn flats.
Walk around and look at other booths.
Buy homemade salsa and bows for niece.
Come back to booth.
Sale is dwindling down.
Start packing up.
Slash prices on wreaths.
One girl offers me $8 for a wreath. 
I politely told her that I had more than $8 in the wreath.
I am screaming in my head as she walks away.
Walk around with packaged caramel apples where the caramel is blobbed together in the bottom of the bag and try to sell them to other vendors for $1.
Sell three caramel apples.
Finish packing stuff up.
Call hubby to come get me.
Haul junk to car.
Feel like a failure.
Come home.
Unload junk.
House becomes an even bigger disaster.
Fall on couch.
Feet feel horrendously awful for wearing the wrong shoes.
Realize that flats really weren't a good idea no mater how cute they were.
Hubby heats up food for me and feeds me on the couch.
Hubby then tells me that we are going to go help Andrew move.
Sit on couch for about 45 minutes.
Put on tennis shoes to go help pack.
Take a mini nap in car.
Arrive at Andrew's.
Start packing.
9 PM.
Andrew's parents arrive.
Everyone is hungry.
Judy and I go to Chick-fil-A.
Boys keep packing.
Eat Chick-fil-A.
Hug bye, try not to cry, and go home.
10 or 11PM
Arrive at home.
Pass out from exhaustion.
Long day.
Lots of lessons.
Glad it was over.
Glad I did it.
Not sure if it'll happen again.

Here's a picture of me and my partner in the sale...Jodi!

Girls....look over here!

Much better!!  :)

Even better.  :)

And yes, we're still friends after the C&B Sale.  Ha!  The motto from the sale you might ask for me?  Live and learn.  Live and learn!  Hahaha!

If you're ever in the market to do a craft and bake sale, I'd love to talk to you!

We really did have fun.  I really did get frustrated.  I really did cry a few times over it.  But I'm still glad I did it.  It definitely was an experience I'll never forget.

I'll post pictures later of all of the wreaths individually.

I still just might have some for sale!  ;)
Only a few of them though!

And I haven't forgotten to post pictures of my Winter Wonderland at the house.  I will try to do it before the end of this week!  :)

Still having a hard time believing it is December,
The Preacher's Wife

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