Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's Football Time in Tennessee (& in North Carolina)

It's finally Football Time in Tennessee!!
And here in North Carolina, too!
We've had a great weekend so far!  Last night we had friends over to watch the Tennessee game and had some yummy football food.  Preacher Man says that it is 100% football season now that he's eaten little smokies.  :)  Of course. 
Friday Night Football...check.
Moving on to Saturday...
I was able to surprise my honey with some NC football tickets.  We had a Silent Auction at work and I was able to score these tickets and a parking pass for an awesome deal.
And I was able to surprise my husband, too!

And yes, you're seeing that right.  I put them on the toilet seat!  Ha!  I knew he'd find them there!
We headed off to the game today expecting to have a fun time.  I was expecting to be sitting in the bleachers and probably in the hot sun, but I was mostly excited because Jon was excited.
Here he is with the tickets...
On the way to the stadium we were wandering what our seats would be like.  We just figured we might have padded seats or something like that.
Boy were we wrong. 
We parked right beside the stadium with the parking pass that we had.

Once we got closer to the stadium we saw that the Upper Club Section (the tickets that we had were the Upper Club) has a special entrance.  Fancy.  :)
We both started to get a little more excited!
If you look really close and hard you might could read that it says Upper Club to the right off my honey below:

So we get through the gate and we got into the entry way where the Upper Club is. 
And we discover that we have to take an elevator to get to our seats.
Hello!  :)
We continued to have so many sweet people greet us and tell us to enjoy the game.  We even had a lady that pushed the button for us on the elevator. 
 This was a bit foreign to us country folks.  :)
Once we arrived to the "Upper Club" the angels started singing.
We walked into a huge air conditioned club filled with buffets galore and a ton of flat screen TVs floating everywhere with every football game on of the day.
We tried to contain our excitement and act like we were used to this kind of stuff.
But of course we got to our seats and this was our view...
And then I called my parents and told them that we had all kinds of free food and padded seats and that we were on the front row and we parked right by the stadium and that we were just so excited!
And I said it just like that and then I'm pretty sure I don't remember anything else that I said.
And then we tried to take it all in and calm down...and act like normal people.  :)

So we took a few pictures...

Here are the padded seats...

They were comfy too!
Here we are proud of our passes.  We were still in shock at what we had gotten for the price we paid for the tickets.

Here is the stadium...

And would you believe that my husband said..."This is nice, but it's not Neyland Stadium."
My heart melted.  :)
I just love him!

Once we got our excitement under control (or so we thought we had) we went upstairs to check out the grub...

You name it, they had it.  Fruit, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Nachos, Salad, Wraps, Baked Beans, Coleslaw, BBQ Pork, Grilled Chicken, Brisket, Cookies, Ice Cream, Candy Bars, Popcorn, etc.
It was AMAZING! 
I tried to sample at little bit of everything...seriously.  :)
Here are our pre-game plates:

I didn't have anything that I didn't like.  And we didn't have to eat supper tonight either!
I will let you know that we never cleaned our plates with the stuff that we got.  :)
You better believe we hit this cooler up!

And Preacher Man had his popcorn too!  I might have had a few hand fulls.  :)

And would you believe they had complimentary programs, fans, and pom-poms for everyone?

 Yeah, we got one. 
Here is the club area.  We tried not to act like crazy people from the sticks that had never eaten good food or felt air conditioning before while we were in there.  :)

Some of the pictures are blurry because we tried to not act like paparazzi.
Here is Preacher Man enjoying an dreamsicle while we sat in the club watching the 3rd Quarter.  Why, you might ask?   Because we could!

And of course we sampled a little more food...

I forgot to mention that we did watch football while we were there!
Here is the band during pre-game:

They didn't have a "T" to run through so they split the N and the C and the guys ran out from that.
But first they wheeled out a bell and chimed in the hour for the game...

and then they got the crowd amped up...

and I was doing cartwheels by this point.  (you know what I was really doing if you know what my love for Carolina is like.)
and then they blew smoke out....

and they finally came out.

And here's the other team...Elon University.
I have to be honest...I only clapped one time during the ENTIRE football game.  I clapped for some ROTC gentlemen that were going into the Air Force.  And that was it.  But I still had a great time...and not just because of the food.  :)
Here is the kick-off:

and some more football...

And here are the cool seats that were located behind us in the Upper Club.  These seats had TVs located between every two chairs!  It was unreal!  You could change the channel to keep up with other games that were on TV.  We even saw one guy checking out golf too!

We had an awesome time at the Carolina Football Game.  Even though I'm not a Carolina fan it was still fun to go to a football game.
And you know what one of my other favorite parts was aside from our fancy experience and food?
The catering company's name:

It just made the day a little more sweeter.  Never too much Rocky Top for this gal!  :)
Hope you enjoyed our experience as much as we did!
Have a great rest of the weekend!
The Preacher's Wife

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