Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I got into the baking mood for Christmas and made my co-workers some Pioneer cinnamon rolls.  I ended up making ninety rolls and I only made a batch and a half.  If you've never made Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls, I highly suggest you make them and stuff your face with them.  They are life changing!

I also kept the kitchen clean while I baked too!!  This never happens for me!  I'm normally not a wash as you go type of gal, but I did good this time.

This is impressive for me,  Just ask my husband.

My favorite thing of the night was this huge bowl full of icing!  I had to use a gravy ladle to get it out because I had so much!

I'd say it was a successful baking night.  Now I'm wishing that I would have at least saved one pan for me and Jon.  Oh well....maybe next time.

Dreaming of a warm cinnamon roll,

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