Friday, June 12, 2015

The Day We Said Moooooooo!!

My sister came to visit last July and we had a fun time!

While she was here, it was dress like a cow and get a free meal at Chic-fil-A day.  The funny thing is, we weren't even hungry when we went to get our free meal.  We had already eaten a late lunch that day and we decided on a whim to dress up like cows and go get some free food....or really just some lemonade and lunch for the next day.

We printed off the cow masks from Chick-fil-A's website and then added our own flair to them.  We decided to go with being black cows with white spots.

Check out our photo shoot below...

The best part about the whole trip was that we went through the drive thru.  We didn't even go inside!  All we did was drive up, said "moo!", and got some free food!  We love CFA!

The next day we went to Carolina Beach and had some of the best donuts I've ever had from Britt's!  Britt's is a family owned donut shop and it definitely measured up to all of the hype that I had heard about it.

We enjoyed a good day on the beach with the sunshine and people watching!

I'm glad that Penny got to come out and visit last Summer and I hope she gets to come back soon!

While we had all of this fun last July, Jon was busy in Nicaragua on a mission trip...

Oh what a fun July it was in 2014!  Hope you enjoyed our mooooo-ing good time!

There is a lot more to come, so stay tuned for more recaps of last year.  One day I will get caught up!


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