Monday, January 30, 2012

a happy, little adventure to charlotte

I went on an adventure last week for work... 
I had a lot of fun going too!

I got to go to a fun training out in Charlotte for the company that I work for AND this just happened to be my very first time staying in a hotel room all by myself.


I was a little nervous about it, but I found comfort in the fact that my boss stayed in the room next to me.  My boss...she's a fun lady.  We rode together and had such a great time! 

We left on Monday afternoon to our training that started bright and early on Tuesday morning at 8 AM sharp!  The ride there was quick and painless because we chatted the whole way there and didn't run into any traffic at all.

When we arrived to our hotel we were quite impressed by the grand entrance and all of the gorgeous architecture around.

Just look at this pretty wall hanging behind the front desk where I checked in....

Sooo pretty!  :)

Once we got checked in we went off to check out our rooms. 

I wasn't expecting a huge room when I was told that I was going to this training.  Needless to say I was quite surprised when I opened the door and found myself in this little suite!

I then whipped out my phone and started taking pictures like crazy so I could show off where I stayed.

Here's what it looked like looking at the door....

I had my own little mini kitchen...complete with a mini refrigerator, microwave, and sink!

and of course....a $3 bottle of water:

I didn't drink that.  I stocked up on my morning coffee at Walgreen's when I bought some Diet Mt. Dews for my refrigerator.  :)

Here's where I got to sleep:

Two beds!  All for me!
I thought about switching beds each night just for fun.
I didn't do that though.
But it sure was tempting...just because I had that option.

Here's my second flat screen in my home away from home for the week:

Oh and when I woke up here is what is waiting on me at my door:

Hello, newspaper!  So lovely to see you!  You thought it was going to be a puppy, didn't you?

And once you walk outside my door you can look down over the lobby at this lovely little fountain...

And you can also see THIS....

This is where I ate a glorious breakfast each morning that I was there. 
You name it, they had it!
Omelet station?  Check.
Every kind of hot breakfast item you could ever want?  Check.
Fruit galore?  Check.
Kashi Bluberry Cereal?  Check.
Muffins, Donuts, Pastries, etc?  Check.
Diet Coke for breakfast?  Check, Check, Check!  (Each morning I filled up my glass with it!)

Needless to say, breakfast was pretty awesome!  I enjoyed it!

The training was super beneficial to me and I was so excited that I got to go.  I had a good time learning about the company and meeting new people that were in my small group for the week, as well as everyone else in the big group setting.
I felt like I did a good job working with my coaches there too!  The exciting news for the week was that my small group won Jeopardy for the week!  We beat out seven other teams, so we were pretty excited and it meant that we'll get our faces plastered on the company newsletter!  :)  Whoo hoo!

My boss and I had long days while we were there and we also had REALLY good food if I hadn't mentioned that already?!?!
They fed us like crazy while we were there and the food was amazing!
You already know about the great let me tell you about lunch....
 For lunch one day we had a huge Italian Feast, and then another day we had a big Mexican Fiesta!

Are you hungry yet?

And guess what else?  Would you believe that they brought us afternoon snacks too?
Snacks like popcorn, pretzels, corn dogs, cookies, fruit, and all other kinds of fun things.
I almost felt like I was at a food convention while I was there.  :)

I tried not to indulge too much, but boy was it hard!  :)

We also did a little shopping while we were there....

I found an awesome pair of shoes here...

Calvin Klein flats....

aren't they cute?!

I only paid $10 for them!  :)

I also got some other stuff at Ann Taylor Loft but I just couldn't take a picture of it because it might be for some one's birthday.  :)

We might have eaten out at night too...

My first trip to Carraba's was Ah-MAZING!  So delicious!  I absolutely LOVED their salad and bread!  So tasty!

I also found some amazing new shampoo and conditioner while I was away!

Crabtree & Evelyn Shampoo!  It was great stuff!  It smells wonderful that while I was talking to some other people at the training about the hotel that we were staying in I made a comment about the shampoo and just how fabulous it was.

The next day everyone in my little small group brought me their shampoo and conditioner from their hotel room.
Yes, I was that girl.  The one walking around with 12 bottles of shampoo and conditioner in her bag.
I didn't care though.  That shampoo was awesome!  :)

I forgot to mention it was NASCAR press week at the hotel/convention center that we were staying at! 

The hotel that we stayed at was probably about two miles away from the Charlotte Motor Speedway.
I did hear from some other people that were at the training that Danica Patric and Kurt Busch were at our hotel one evening. 
I was probably somewhere eating when they were there!  Ha!  :)

They did have a cool car sitting in the lobby...

and the halls that led us to our conference room smelled like tires and oil.  Did I mention that there were a lot of NASCAR people there?  There really was a lot of them!  :)

I finally got back home on Thursday night to my sweet husband.  He was a bachelor all week long.  I was proud that he made himself a big pot of chili to eat on for the week.  He's that great!  :)  I offered to make it, but he wanted to do it.  He's turning into quite the chef these days!

Well thanks for spending some time reminiscing with me about my trip to Charlotte!  I had fun and I hope you did too!

I think I'll go eat something now!  :)

Lots of Love,
The Preacher's Wife

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