Thursday, March 15, 2012

crafting and decorating

I was in a crafty mood this past weekend.
I made a new spring wreath and decorated a bit with some spring stuff around the house.

Even though my hubby wanted to spend all day together with each other on Saturday, I was able to talk him into letting me work on a project while we watched A LOT of basketball!  :)

We did get out of the house for a date as well!  Movies and Dinner!  We went and saw "This Means War" with Reese Witherspoon in it.  It was hilarious!  We both enjoyed the movie a lot...I was pretty surprised that the hubby liked it but he did.  We planned on going to dinner after the movie, but seeing as how the lady at the snack stand talked us into getting a large popcorn for 50 cents less than a small popcorn (because we got an Icee to go with it) we ended up just eating lots and lots of popcorn so therefore neither one of us were hungry for dinner.  I guess that's good?  :)  Popcorn for dinner?!  Oh well.

On to the craftiness... 

Here's what I started with:

Fabric and a wreath frame...

and a "H" that I painted white...

and this is what I ended up with:

It turned out pretty cute even if I did make it!  I wish I would have chosen a few other colors because it turned out a little more blue than I had hoped for.  Oh well....guess this means I'll have to make another once summer rolls around!  :)

I also did a little decorating with some Easter eggs and bunny stuff that I had.  Don't laugh.  I love these little things!  :)  I know that eggs and bunnies aren't the real meaning of Easter either, but they sure do make for some cute decorations. 

Check out my tree growing Easter eggs...

My hubby didn't think it was too cute and he told me that I was turning into his grandmother who decorates for everything.

I love his grandmother so I'm going to take that as a compliment.  And I do like to decorate for everything.

And it just so happens that I love those glittery eggs in the tree!  Ha!

When I was growing up my Mom would pull out her Easter tree that she had.

See below:

Once my sister and I got older she quit putting it out.  I remember going through some old stuff one day at her house and seeing it again.  It always brings back so many good memories growing up so I snatched the tree from her house and brought it to North Carolina.

My husband loves it!  :)

Again, he said it reminds him of his grandmother.

I like that.

And I'm thinking about decorating all of the trees in front of my house with the plastic eggs and putting candy in of our neighbors did that when me and my sister were growing up and it was always a real treat to go get an egg from her tree.  :)


I'm going to be one cool grandma when I grow up.  :)  Or maybe I already am one?

I'll let you decide.  I know what I think.

Everyone have a great day and enjoy the gorgeous weather!

The Preacher's Wife

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