Thursday, March 22, 2012

my green birchbox

I was so excited when I got my March Birchbox this month!
For those of you who don't know what a Birchbox is, I recently just found them and I am loving them so far!  :)
A Birchbox is like a magazine subscription for beauty samples.  And it's A LOT of fun so far!

Here's what I got in my March Birchbox...

This month I got a perfume sample, face-wash sample, dry-shampoo sample, nail polish, some fancy tea, and some really pretty eye shadow.

Here is that green-ish nail polish in the picture...

I wore it for St. Patty's Day at work.  :)

It was fun and it was actually pretty cute!

I figure my Mom is either loving this color or cringing at the thought of me wearing it!  

I did this green nail polish post just for you!

Love you Mom!

P.S. I'm getting all of my hair chopped off on Tuesday!  :)

The Preacher's Wife  

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