Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mi Hermana Came to Visit!

My sister came to visit a while back!  We had so much fun with her!

We went and explored the North Hills Shopping Center in Raleigh!  It's a neat place with all kinds of cute little shops.

We went in this one shop where we found a patriotic sheep.  I made Jamie pose with it and we sent it to our Mom because she loves all things patriotic!

This is part of the shopping's a really neat place.

We also played a lot of dominos!  Jamie won....just so you know. :)

On Sunday we went took a picnic to the lake.  After we got done eating we say with our feet I'm the water while Jon fished.

I think we say there for a couple of hours...

It was fun to just sit an talk and watch the boats go by.  We honestly felt like we were at the beach because the waves were SO big!

Sisters!  :)

Later that night, Jamie opened up a House of Beauty!  Jon needed his hair cut so I showed Jamie how to cut it and then she went to town!  It was great!

We had a great time with my sister!  I'm always so glad when family and friends come to visit!  Now....who's ready to come for a visit?

Lots of Love,
The Preacher's Wife

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