Saturday, September 14, 2013

Topsail Beach Trip

Somehow I managed to score three beach trips in one month!  Needless to say, I'm not complaining.

Some of the girls in my small group wanted to take a day trip to the beach, so a few of us loaded up for the day and cruised out to Topsail Beach.

It was absolutely gorgeous there!  It is a smaller beach town and isn't a very touristy place.  It was adorable! There aren't any huge condo complexes or big hotels.  It's all of these cute little beach houses!  I loved it!

Here are my two partners in crime for the day...

Amanda and Mary Ann.  :) I love these gals! They were my roomies at the Women's Retreat at church.

It was a very picturesque kind of day...

We sat on the beach for a while and then we decided that it was time for ice cream!  I never say no to ice cream!  :)

We found an ice cream shop that was inside a putt-putt course and a bike rental store.  It was a very eclectic place!

Mary Ann found a hula hoop and showed us her skills...

Here is the little course...

We also went into several gift shops.  They were so cute!  Some of them had the most random stuff this shirt below...

I can just see Jon buying one of these for our future children one day!

After we visited a bunch of gift shops we went to another spot on the beach.  We sat our chairs at the edge of the water and enjoyed having our toes in the water and the sand.

Eventually we got hungry!  We ended up eating at a delicious restaurant in town.  I already forgot the name of it, but it was really good!

On our way to the restaurant we passed this cool boat storage place...

I think this is so neat, but I just don't think I would want to have the job of getting the boats down on the very top.

This was our view at the restaurant...

We sat outside!

I got this yummy chicken pita and a salad!  Both were delicious!  I'd definitely go back to this place...if only I could remember the name!  Ha!

After dinner we headed back to Wake Forest!  We had a wonderful sing-a-long and enjoyed views of the sunset.

It was definitely a fun girls trip to the beach!  I'm sad that Summer is coming to an end because I'd love to go to the beach again, but I sure am excited about cooler weather and hot soup!  Yum! :)

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