Monday, May 9, 2011

just another weekend...i might have done it again...

It was a good weekend at our house...minus the fact we couldn't go home for Mother's Day!

A good breakfast Saturday morning and a delicious birthday dinner on Saturday night for our great friend, Andrew.

And I might have done it again.  I made another ice cream cake.  This one was a bit different though.

This one was a chocolate cake....but I might have added a thing or two to make it a little bit more special.

See below...

I poked holes in the a zillion holes it felt like.

And then...

I poured hot fudge all over the top.

And while I was doing this, our pet dog came to visit us in the backyard.

Say hello to him....and check him out...

Is that not the biggest groundhog you've ever seen?!?!  They are bigger than a lot of dogs that I know and they seem to be pretty fearless around these parts.  And they just might scare me a bit.  You just never know when one is around the corner or lurking outside your back door when you open the blinds.  Creeeppppyyyy.  Not a fan.

Back to the cake...

Once I started to assemble the cake it decided that it was going to try and topple ice cream was too creamy and was starting to melt everywhere but I wasn't going to have it though....this cake was going to make it.  I yelled for reinforcement from the living room and the guys came running.  Preacher Man and Andrew came to my help to grab some skewers for me to put in the cake so it wouldn't topple over.  My heart was racing thinking that I was about to lose it but never fear, the cake was saved and quickly rushed to the freezer with the skewers in it.  Thank goodness.

And yes, I did have to rearrange the kitchen because of all of the chicken I bought at the grocery store the other day.  :)

About an hour later I was brave enough to take it out and frost it with some Cool Whip.

And then it was time for the birthday boy to make a wish...

Preacher Man and I sang to him too.  My singing sent chills down every one's spine.  I'm such a glorious singer!  :)  Best in the family I tell ya! far from the truth but I sure do act like I'm good...most people tell me to hush!  :)

Best buddies!!  It looks like they are posing with a while bowling ball.  Ha!

Now this...this is the inside.

And this is how you do it.  Slice a piece and then drizzle the hot fudge on top and gobble it up!  :)

It was pretty good even if I did make it.

I also made my Preacher Man some Chicken and Dumplin's to put in the freezer for him to eat when I can't cook for him.  :)

So that was our Saturday fun.  On Sunday we went to a great church service and we had lunch at this place......

Can you guess what kind of restaurant it is?!  It was pretty delish!

And later that day, Preacher Man went to the Beauty Salon...aka...his wife cutting his hair.  :)

He is just thrilled to no end.  Ha!  :)

Sort of a military hair cut.

Bahahahahahahaha a mo-hawk!  NICE!

A side view.

And the finished produce.  His new summer doo.

I think he looks like a baseball player. 

So cute if you ask me!  :)

And yes, I did cut his hair in the living room.  It was just too dark outside and we can sweep up the mess in no time!  :)
And that my friends, is our weekend in a nutshell!  :)

Happy Monday to you all!

Can't wait to see who will figure out the name of the restaurant that we ate at on Sunday!  :)

Lots of Lovin',
The Preacher's Wife

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