Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just getting a sandwich....

Some days I enjoy grocery shopping, other days not so much.

Today was one of those days where I LOVED it!!!!

Let me just show you the things that I got in the store for a whopping $30!  Yes, $30!  :)

I'm one of those people that sometimes shops with a list.  Today I didn't have a list.  I was on a mission to go to Harris Teeter to get myself a sandwich for lunch because I'd heard how glorious they were from other people....and of course I just had to see for myself if they really were that good.

Well, before I get into the store I saw an amazing ad so I just HAD to stop and see what the fabulous deal was of the week. 

And then I might have snuck a picture of it on my phone because they didn't have any fliers out that told you what you needed to buy to get your free stuff.  Oooppss.  YES, I was that crazy lady at the front of the store snapping a picture of the sale sign!  Hahaha!  :)

Here it is........

All I had to do was buy a package of bacon and some eggs (which I really needed) and I would get four things FREE!  FREE!  FREE!  So of course I just had to take this deal on.  I got my bacon and eggs and I got all kinds of stuff for free.  I got a big can of coffee for free, some hash browns, bagels, and cream cheese!  AND the good thing about all of this stuff is that we actually eat it all!  :)  It was a perfect deal for us!  And not to mention when our parental's come to visit we have coffee in stock!

So of course after seeing that deal I just had to check out the sales paper to see if anything good was going on.  You bet there was!!!!!!  :)  My favorite kind of chicken that I use was on sale for 97 cents a pound!  Yippee!!  I wanted to do a little tap dance right there in the store I was so excited.  Much to my surprise I went to look at the chicken and they were $2-$3 per package.  Amazing....I might have bought four packs.  Okay, I DID buy four packages of Split Chicken Breasts.  Ooopppss.  :)  My freezer is now stocked with chicken.

After that exciting thing, I realized I had a coupon for $10 off a purchase of $40 or more so I just decided to shop around.  Here is everything that I came back with.....

and I was just going to go get a sandwich for crying out loud!

Here is everything out of the bags....

All of my meats are wrapped in those baggies because I don't like chicken gunk on my hands.  Gross!  I got my honey some Cheetos because he LOVES them and because they were buy one get one free!  And I normally don't buy impulse candy at the check-out, but today I had to because when the lady finished ringing up my groceries I was only at $37 so I had to buy some CANDY!  I didn't mind it.  :)  Oh, and on the right side is that sandwich I was going to Harris Teeter for in the first place! 

And my total price..............

Oh, and the sandwich......

It really was GLORIOUS!  Very much a yummy-in-my-tummy sandwich!  And they pack the meat on there!  I had half for lunch today and I'll probably eat the other half for dinner!  :)  And this one is a supposed to be a six inch.  Mmmhmmmm.

I can't wait for Preacher Man to come home from work today and see all of the chicken. 

I'm going to tell him I don't know where it came from.

Wait, that would be lying.

I don't think he will be mad.  Surely not.  Especially after he sees how much money I saved today!
Yahoooooo!  :)

Off to stare at my refrigerator because I'm so happy at all of my savings today at Harris Teeter,
The Preacher's Wife :)

P.S. Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!  Eat a taco today!

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