Saturday, May 21, 2011

sketti and meatballs

I made something really yummy this week!

Sketti and meatballs as I like to call it.

I saw a recipe for these on Pioneer Woman's website on this to go to her page.

I decided I MUST make them!

It's waaaayy better than this...

This is one of Preacher Man's favorites.  I don't like it.  I think it smells awful and sorta looks awful too!  Bleh.

I decided to make him the real deal this week!  :)

Starting with the meatballs....

And I even touched the meat for those of you who know that I don't like to touch raw meat!  I was super proud of myself!  :)

And I used one of my favorite kitchen gadgets to form the cookie scoop!

Don't those look like the best cookies you've ever seen?!?!  Ha!

That's more like it!

I kinda made a lot...I mean a lot!!!!  I just used one package of meat too!

47 to be exact.  :)

Oh yeah, look at this beauty that I found at the store!  I was super proud of myself!

I got a 4 pound roast for a great deal!

It was originally...

And I paid this for it...

Good deal!!!!!!  So good that I had to interrupt my discussion of meatballs to tell you about it.

Back to it...

Here's my precious little nuggets of deliciousness!  I browned them in the pan first and took them out.

Then I threw some sauce together.  I didn't follow Pioneer Woman's instructions step by step.  I made up my own!  And I also added a little kick to my sauce.  Some Red Pepper flakes.  Like my bottle of them?  Hahaha!

And no, I didn't cook all of the meatballs.  I saved some for a rainy day.  They're in the freezer.

I let them cook for about 30-40 minutes on the stove-top and they were glorious!  So delish!  I was very proud of myself!

I cooked some noodles and cheesy bread to go along side it too.  It was a tish bit hot when I took the picture below...


I did good, Momma!

Oh yes!

And Preacher Man said the meatballs were much better than Mr. Chef Boyardee man's.


AND the next day after I made them we had meatball subs for lunch.  Sooo good!

Hooray for meatballs!

And hooray for today being Saturday!  I'm sitting on the couch all day's been a long week!

Everyone have an awesome weekend!

Dreaming of some more meatballs,
The Preacher's Wife

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