Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Outdoor Living

I'm trying to talk my husband into getting some new patio furniture.

When we went home this past weekend, we somehow ended up at KMart to get deodorant and toothpaste.

And we just happened to have stumbled upon this cute, little patio furniture set...

Isn't it just so cute?

I tried my best to convince my husband that we REALLY needed it and that we should get it that day!
He wasn't going for it because we had to make a 7-8 hour drive back to North Carolina from Tennessee.

So we didn't get it.


I think I have him talked into getting it soon! 

You see, I think this little set is perfect for our itty bitty back patio.  The chairs fold up so we can store them in our little storage closet when we aren't using them, and we could do the same for the umbrella!

This will be a great addition to our little place because:

1.  We can eat out back when it's nice outside.
2.  It increases our outdoor living space...which is ultimately like increasing the square footage of where we live now!  :)
3.we can sit outside and enjoy the weather or a nice dinner.
4.  We can entertain a couple of friends on our back patio (maybe more if we move the grill!)
5.  I think it's perfect for us!
6.  If you can think of anymore good reasons, be sure to let my husband know.  I was thinking about posting his phone number and email address, but I figured I'd better not if I wanted to get it.

I'll keep you updated on if we get it or not!  :)

I feel confident that we probably will....and even more confident because it's on SALE too!  Hopefully this means sooner rather than later.

Until then I'm going to try to NOT go to KMart and strap it to the top of my car and bring it home.  :)

The Preacher's Wife

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