Friday, April 13, 2012


Remember my last post about patio furniture?

My husband surprised me with some last night when I got home from work!  :)

It was awesome and definitely unexpected!

I walked into the kitchen last night and saw this....

All of the blinds were open and raised above the sink.

I thought it was strange since it was so late at night but I didn't think much of it because I was carrying a huge load of flowers from work...

aren't they pretty?

After talking to my hubby for a bit he said well aren't you going to look outside?

So I looked outside and ta-da!!!!!!!!!

My sweet husband had went and got my patio furniture that I had been talking about!


It was a wonderful surprise to come home to after a reeaaalllyyy long day at work.

I hope you'll come visit us soon so we can eat outside on the back patio!  :)

Today I've been cleaning our our storage closet so we can store our lovely new patio chairs that you can adjust to your preference of three different back settings.  You can lounge sitting straight up, leaning back, or really leaning back.  They are really cool!  And I'm really excited about them if you can't tell.

I've also been making cinnamon rolls today and arranging flowers....

I had a moment today where I thought that I wanted to become a florist, but then I changed my mind after the smell of flowers got to me.

Check out my little flower arrangements for the brunch that I'm having at our place tomorrow:

I had fun making them, but my desire has went away.  It was fun while it lasted though! 

Thank you again to my sweet husband for a wonderful surprise!  I love you! 

I hope you have a super weekend!

Hope to see you soon to eat on our new patio furniture,
The Preacher's Wife

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