Monday, April 9, 2012

A Blessed Easter Weekend! :)

We hope you had a great Easter celebrating our Risen Savior!  :)

We had a very happy Easter weekend getting to see our family and friends.

We started out on Good Friday by getting up early heading towards my parent's house.

We got to stop and eat at Biscuitville (yum!) and one of my favorite places for lunch...Salsarita's!  :)  (yum, yum!)

When we were getting close to home my sister called me and told me that she was out shopping with my cousin and her kids and she thought that we should come and meet them.

So we did.

And we got to finally meet Bennett for the first time in person!  It just took us 10 months to meet him face to face!  (I feel like a really bad cousin....but I think my cousin understands that life is crazy for us when we come back home.)  Let me just say that Skype dates and pictures don't do this baby justice...he's precious!

And you know who he really liked?

Yup!  That guy!  Preacher Man!  He LOVED him and it was so funny and cute to watch.  I asked Jon if he was ready to have kids because they were having such a fun time together and he said "No, but I do like this kid.  He's fun!"

After we shopped around for a little bit, we went to The Dairy Barn!  :)
It's only the best ice cream shop in town and a real treat to get to go to!

But it was a little windy...and my other two little cousins, Kennedy and Preston, got chilly... my sweet husband offered up his pullover and they both got in it.  Too cute! (Aside from it being a North Carolina pullover.)

After The Dairy Barn we ventured down to my parent's house where we sat around and talked and had a good time.  That night we ordered pizza and watched some TV and took it easy.

The next morning we got up and hung out with everyone and went up to visit with my Nana.

My uncle, aunt, and cousins were in town so it was great getting everyone together for a bit.

Later that afternoon we got on the road again and went to Preacher Man's parent's house.

On the menu for dinner was steak and potatoes.

I was in charge of making the twice baked potatoes and I enlisted the help of the cutest little girl that I know:

Sweet little Addie Mae!

She's a fabulous helper!

It looks like she's being a bit bossy in this picture.  :)  This might be a true statement.  ;)

I also got a Strawberry Cake for Easter per my M-I-L's request.  She wanted a strawberry cake from the lady who made mine and Preacher Man's wedding cake.  At first the lady told me she was booked for Easter, but she called me last minute and said that someone canceled an order!  Whoo hooo!

I was SO glad that they did.  This cake is to die for!  It is so, so, so yummy!

Me and Addie Mae were ready for our cake after we finished eating dinner!

The next morning we all got up and went to church for our Easter Service.  It was a good morning of celebrating!  It was also a lot of fun to get to see a lot of our friends at church as well!  I was able to talk with some friends and  I believe I have them all talked into planning a beach trip for about 10 of them to come and stay with us this summer.  And they're all going to stay with me and Preacher Man.  This will be interesting, but way FUN!  :) 

Once we got home we took a couple of pictures in our Easter frocks.

Preacher Man's Easter frock consisted of finding stuff in his old closet back home and borrowing one of his Dad's ties.  He doesn't believe in buying new shirts and ties even if his wife encourages him to do so.  :)

These two kids were the cutest for Easter:

After pictures, we went to Preacher Man's Maw's house for Easter Lunch with the family.
And after lunch we had an Easter Egg Hunt!
We all took turns hiding the eggs for the kids...

Please note Maw's Easter Egg Tree.  We have the same beliefs in decorating.  :)  I will have one of these when we get a house!

After the Egg Hunt, the kids decided to bust open their eggs that they dyed. 

And then we took some pictures with my decorating twin.  :)

I just love that woman!

It was almost time to go home but not before we played basketball and the piano with these two little stinkers for a few minutes longer...

And then it was on the road again....these trips are so much fun but they never last long enough!

When dinner time rolled around, we couldn't find a quick place to eat that was actually open.

We stopped at Zaxby's.  Closed.

We tried Subway.  Closed.

So guess where we went?

Wal-Mart!  Hahaha!

Wal-Mart was just sitting there open when we got off the exit and we just happened to have some ham that was sent in a cooler with us so we stopped in and got us some stuff for dinner.

Check it out:

Of course, this guy wasn't feeling a ham and cheese sandwich so he got popcorn chicken instead from the Wal-Mart deli.  He said it was pretty good!

I opted for the ham and cheese....take a look at our spread below:

We got some little rolls, a pack of cheese, some Ruffles and our favorite Ranch dip and then we had a little picnic on the road.

I also got some pineapple too....

And would you believe he took the cup from me and drank it himself?!?!?

That's a big deal if you know him personally!  Hahaha!  Thanks again, honey!

We had a very Happy Easter and were blessed enough to get to go back home and spend it with our the people that we love most!  We hope that you had a great one too!

Dreaming of More Strawberry Cake,
The Preacher's Wife

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