Thursday, April 7, 2011

Celebrate Good Times! :)

I love that song Celebrate Good Times--Come On!  I think it's fun and I wanted to sing it all day yesterday.

After all, we had something to celebrate...some exciting things that happened...we both have jobs!!

Praise the Lord!

Here's what we did...

We went to a place called.....

This place is a North Carolina thing and it is oh so delicious.  They serve frozen custard called "concrete" and you can mix in all different types of toppings.  Every day they have vanilla, chocolate, and their flavor of the day.  Sorta like Marble Slab in Tennessee, but different.  The custard is a lot lighter and creamier than regular ice cream.  It's definitely a nice treat.

Here is what we got...

Preacher Man got Vanilla and Caramel on the left and I got the flavor of the day--Jamocha with Oreos crushed in it.  It was delicious!!  Now I just can't wait for someone to come visit so we can take you to Goodberry's.

Last night was a great time to celebrate and I'm so glad that we did with Goodberry's.

And now the hubby wants to open a shop and call it "Bestberry's".  He's so silly like that.  :)

We have decided that...




It's fabulous and we can't wait to go back!

And guess what?!

It's almost the weekend!  Hoooorrraaaayyyy!

And Preacher Man and I are both working the next two days...even BIGGER HOOOORRRAAYYY!  :)

Enjoy the beautiful day the Lord has made!

The Preacher's Wife

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