Monday, April 11, 2011

a most fun weekend

This past weekend was a blast!!

We had so much fun with our new friends in North Carolina.  :)

Friday night was a super relaxing night.  I cooked "breakfast for dinner" for myself, Preacher Man and Andrew.  It was mighty tasty and I must say that I made a delicious hash brown casserole that would give Cracker Barrel's a nice run for its money.  :)
We all had a long, tiring week of working and took it easy on Friday night.  So easy that Andrew probably left around 9:15 and we were in bed by 9:30.  This whole working again thing is going to take some getting used to.  I think I may have to go into hibernation all day on a Saturday when I work my first 40 hours!  :) 

Saturday was a fun day too!  The hubster and I went out on a double date with our new friends Chad and Jodi.  They live in the same townhouses that we do and they are just the most precious couple!  Our agenda for the evening was to go to Chili's and go bowling....and boy did we have fun! 

Here's some of the fun....

This is Jon and his buddy Chad that he met in one of his classes.  So glad that they thought their wife's would like each other so much (or at least I hope she does...haha!)  :)

And this girl......she is Bowling Belinda!  Kidding...she is Jodi.  She is just the cutest thing ever!  :)

We're a bit tickled in this's Bowling Beatrice and Bowling Belinda.  These are the best bowling names ever.  :)

And just so you know, I did break 100!  Yay for me!  This is exciting!  :)

Sunday was another over cast day here in the first half of the day, but by mid afternoon it was a gorgeous, sunshine-y day!  Preacher Man and Andrew went golfing after church so I got to stay home and chill.  I made some cupcakes and watched some TV.  And when they got back, guess what I had to watch?

The Masters.  You guessed it!  And this is how the story went the rest of the afternoon...

You can see my foot in this picture on Preacher Man.  I ended up falling asleep in my big comfy chair!  :)

Oh, and Mom....I used the fun cupcake liners and Happy Easter toothpicks that you got me!  :)

Later that night we had some friends over...Chad and Jodi and our new friend Sarah!  We had a little Fiesta with some fajitas, rice, beans, homemade guacamole, and cupcakes to top everything off.  Then we played some corn hole out in the parking lot! 

Check it out...

Andrew and Sarah
(I might have made them pose for this one...I couldn't get the picture to stop being blurry....and here you see how it turned out...grrrrr!)

And here is the best hubby in the world, Chad, and Jodi having a big time!

We sorta played in the parking lot while it was dark (as if you couldn't tell!).  We set up shop right under the street lamp and it worked out perfectly.  After that, we pllllaaayyyyeeedddd......

drum roll...


Jodi and Sarah were breaking it down!  This game was a blast and I would LOVE to own it!  Luckily Jodi lives across the street so I can go get my groove on when I get the urge!  :)

This weekend was so fun and I can't wait for another fun-filled weekend soon!  :)

Now it's back to work this week!  I've gotta get back into the full-time groove of things!  Whoo hoo!  :)

Ready for Another Weekend,
The Preacher's Wife


  1. Katie, I am so glad the boys introduced us!(I myself think God had a hand in it...) I have REALLY enjoyed getting to know you, it feels like we have been friends forever! We look forward to many more fun times with yall!
    Love, Jodi

  2. Jodina, Belinda, Jodi: I am so glad our boys introduced us too! :) God sure does know the kind of people that we need in our lives at just the right time! Can't wait for girls lunch this week, and a fun-filled Easter celebration! I might have bought some cute plates and napkins today for our family Celebration on Sunday!! :)