Thursday, March 10, 2011

cooking, cleaning, cooking, cleaning....

I loooooove to cook,

but I haaaattteeee to clean up the mess!  :)

Company's a comin' this weekend!

We are excited!  :)

I'm getting a head start on the things we are going to eat this weekend.

And I'm cleaning today, too!  Bleh.  At least Preacher Man is helping.  That makes it a bit easier.

Honestly, I'm glad we're doing a good cleaning makes me feel good!

Check out the things that I'm doing...

Laundry.  Gross.  Actually, Preacher Man did all the laundry...washed, dried, and even folded it!  Now it's sitting on the bed to be put away.  I'm glad it smells so good though!  :)

Doing a little cooking for our fam coming this weekend....

I'm making some lasagna today to put in the freezer so it's a quick and easy meal!  :)
My house smells incredible!!

And underneath this pot on top of the dryer is my cinnamon roll dough rising!  These are good ones to freeze, too!  I'm making meals a lot easier for this weekend!  And I think they'll be very tasty, too!  :)

It's also a dreary day here, so it's good that we are trapped inside to get everything done today!  :)

Hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday!

Go VOLS!!!

The Preacher's Wife

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