Thursday, March 17, 2011

fun photos

I was looking through the pictures on my phone today and they brought back so many good memories so I thought I would share some with you....

Here it goes...

And these are in no particular order....

And don't hate me because the majority of them might be baking creations...


My rainbow delish and yummy!  These were for little Addie Mae's 1st birthday!

Preacher Man with a big 'ol catfish.  We used to fish in this pond all of the time in TN.  And you wanna know what the best bait was?  Chicken hot dogs.  I know, gross!  But it sure did catch some big ones!

This is a picture of a baby bird freshly hatched on my patio.  I had two hanging baskets full of flowers and a bird decided to make one of them their birthing grounds.  Oh well, at least they were cute like this....but once they got bigger I just wasn't a big fan anymore.  Thank goodness they learned how to fly!  :)  And now worries, I never touched them!  :)

Be still my heart.  This is a picture of me beside Cameron Indoor Stadium!  Go Duke!  :)  Words can't describe my excitment!

This is the smallest box of tissue that I have ever seen.  My sister sent them to me in the mail from Kleenex.  So cute!

This is Preacher Man acting so thrilled to be shopping for tuxedos to match my Bridesmaids' dresses.  He just can't contain his excitment!!

Okay, tilt your head to the right for this one!  (One day I will figure out thsi whole picture thing!)
I thought this was a fun way to ask my Flower Girl's to be in the wedding!
What better way than with a pot of flowers for the "flower" girl!  :)

This is a fruit pizza I made for a cookout.  It was soooo good and such a fun dessert to make!

This is a picture of my kitchen a few days after we moved in.  I just had to show the family that we were getting settled in alright.  :)  It's kinda changed a little but not much.  :)

 This is a picture of the "Just Because" flowers that the hubby sent to me at work a week or two after we got back from our Honeymoon.  So sweet!  :)

And this....this is a masterpiece in my eyes!  I wanted to go all out for an Easter cake last year.  Jelly beans, coconut that I dyed green, Peeps, Easter baskets!  Just take a look....

And this is a picture that I will always keep!  It is a picture of the tree topper that Preacher Man used to propose to me.  If you look in the middle you can see the engagement ring that he tied to it with fishing line.  (That is sooo him if you know him personally!)  :)

Hope you enjoyed a walk down memory lane with me as I shared pictures from mycell phone with you!
I enjoyed the walk!

Have a great Thursday!

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