Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Birthday, Preacher Man!

Today is my Preacher Man's Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Babe!  :)

I love you!

We're celebrating all week long!  A trip to the Cheesecake Factory and a visit from his family this weekend is going to be a blast!

I think he's a pretty cool guy.  I'm a very blessed girl to get to be married to him!

Here's some pictures...

The day we got our marriage license!  We had to drive all over Knoxville till kingdom come to get this darn thing but it was still so exciting!

Driving to Atlanta to hop on a plane...we went to a resort in the Riviera Cancun!

We love Tennessee Football!!!  Or well I love it...he kinda likes it!  :)
Don't worry folks, I'm working hard on him!

He is the best Uncle EVER!  He would play with this little guy until one or both of them passed out from exhaustion!  :)
and I just noticed that it kinda looks like he has something stuffed up his shirt in this picture...ha!

We were Jon & Kate Plus 8 for Halloween!  (This was pre-divorce....aren't our babies precious?!?!?!  They were actually Jon's Mom's when she was a child!)

Our first Christmas together as a married couple....and it was a White Christmas!  It couldn't have gotten anymore perfect!  :)

Moving out of our first little home together to head to North Carolina...it was a great little place!

And now we're in North Carolina...and it's been a lot of fun so far!  This is probably our most beautiful picture ever taken of us.  I'm not sure how many hours of sleep we were going on or when we had our last shower!  Haha!  Please look at the next picture or the ones above to know that we can look semi-human!  Ha!

And a picture from our Wedding Day...I just love 'em!  He's just so stinkin' cute!  :)

Soooo......this post is for you Preacher Man!  (Everyone else just gets to read along about the birthday fun!) ;)

I kinda like you!  (and everyone else, too!)

I hope you have a very Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Your Wifey :)

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