Tuesday, March 29, 2011

a few things I'm a lovin'!

Today I feel the need to share with you some things that I'm loving right now!  I've taken a few random pictures here and there and every time I took a picture I would think to myself, "Oh this will be a great blog post!"

Well today is the day I'm going to share a few pics with you!

The things I'm loving...

Have you seen these at the grocery store?

Pizza and cookies all in the same box!  I thought Preacher Man was going to do cartwheels down the grocery store aisle when we saw these!  DiGiorno is probably one of my favorite frozen pizzas so this was a definite win, win buy!  :)  They also make pizza and breadsticks and pizza and wings in the same box!  So fun and perfect for a weeknight meal!  :)  LOVE!

My Mom gave me some fabulous Easter plates!  Love them!!  I went to a Girls Night In Party last night and took some loaded potato skins to share with everyone!  The deviled egg plate was perfect to sit my potatoes in!  :)  LOVE it!

I feel like I've made a bazillion wreaths after seeing the rag wreath post on Facebook from one of my friends.  I absolutely love them and think that I will end up making one for every season.  Below are two that I have made just in the past two weeks...

My Tennessee Vols wreath---I made it a bit fru-fru I guess you could say by adding some sparkly material.  I was just playing around with the ribbon on our coat rack and decided to take a picture so everyone could see.  I love the ribbon on this...soo cute!  I sure like this wreath a lot and and can't wait for football season to roll around so I can put it on my door.  Now I just need a TN doormat to go along with it.

Here is my Easter wreath that is hanging on the door now.  I think it's perfect for spring time colors!  And not to mention I got all of the fabric and ribbon for this one for less than $5!!  Whoo hooo!

I didn't take this picture but this is just someone that I'm loving a lot right now!  Not that I don't love him a lot everyday but here lately his smile is something that helps me get through the day easier.  :)  I gotta say, it's tough living in another state where you hardly know anyone, where you don't have a full-time job (yet, but hopefully soon and thankful for a part-time job), and when some days last a lot longer than others....I have to say that this smile makes it all worth it.  The things that we are going through and learning right now are teaching us a lot about each other and also how to fully rely on each other and the Lord.  I'm glad that I'm here with you, Preacher Man!  I wouldn't have it any other way!  I'm a lovin' this one the most right now!  :)

On a lighter note, (since that was really sappy and sweet), I am love, love, lovin' this nail polish!  It is Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat.  It is the perfect top coat polish to put over any base color.  AND the best part?!  It dries in 30 seconds flat.  Seriously.  You can totally run your freshly painted nail through your hair and it won't smudge one bit!  It's awesome and less than $5!  A total bargain and worth every penny!  :)  LOVE!

Hope you enjoyed the things I'm lovin' right now!  I'm hopeful to write a post later in the week with some super exciting news!  :)  Keep on praying peeps! 

Have a terrific Tuesday!

The Preacher's Wife

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