Friday, March 11, 2011

we shall have cake!

I'm in the process of baking a cake right now....for an ice cream cake!  I just kinda made the recipe up in my head.  I'll let you know how it turns out.

Help me, Rhonda!  (whoever you may be!)

Here's the stuff I'm workin' with...

Yes, you do see Blue Bunny Ice was buy one, get one free this week!  I just couldn't pay $12 to get a gallon of Mayfield's Ice Cream.  If I can't have Mayfield's, Blue Bunny is a good second choice!  :)  And please note that the large bottle of sprinkles were purchased at our trip to the grocery store this weekend.  I told Preacher Man that I needed sprinkles for his birthday cake and that is what he picked out!  I didn't complain, I went with it.  You can't tell in this picture, but the sprinkles are in the shapes of all theses different animals.  Lucky me!  I have a huge bottle of animal sprinkles!  Please let me know if you are having any animal themed birthday cakes like we are!  I'll be sure to let you borrow my sprinkles!  :)  Ha!

I'm hoping and praying this turns out to be a good birthday cake for Preacher Man.  He specifically asked for an ice cream cake and the baker in me insisted on making his cake instead of buying one.  I'll let you know how it goes...but whatever happens, we SHALL and WILL have cake!  :)  I even bought candles.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend!  We're going to spend it hangin' with the fam!

AND gettin' a grill for Preacher Man's birthday!  You know what that means?!  We're grilling steaks, baby!  Whoo hooo!  :)

It's gonna be a good weekend!

Wishing you a weekend full of lolli-pops and gummy bears,
The Preacher's Wife

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