Wednesday, March 16, 2011

my favorite pasta salad

As I was walking around the grocery section of Wal-Mart last night grabbing a few things that we were out of, I just kept on thinking to myself that I wanted something really yummy to eat.  The first thing that popped in my head?  Pasta Salad!  It's so yummy!  Cold pasta tossed in Italian dressing, mixed with fresh veggies, and all tied together with some tangy Feta cheese!  YUM! 

I proceeded to grab the following at Wally-World (minus that half cut-up red onion that I already had on hand!  I just don't think they sell those at the grocery store!  ha!):

1-12 oz. box of your favorite pasta.  I prefer the tri-color rotini for color!  (Isn't it all about presentation too?!)
Green Bell Pepper
Red Onion
Italian Dressing
Feta Cheese

Now let me just say this about pasta salad.  I think pasta salad is just like a green leaf salad.  You have your base of lettuce and then throw on whatever toppings you like for your salad.  I think it's just the same for pasta salad.  You've got your base of pasta and then you add to it whatever your heart desires!  The ingredients I added are just what my heart desires.  I think they all have a great combination of flavor and texture which makes for an excellent pasta salad in my mind.  Again, you could add or take away from this with whatever you fancy in your pasta salad!  :)

Here's how I assemble mine:

First I boil my pasta for right at 9 minutes.  I don't like very al dente, but I also don't like it mushy.  I then drained my pasta and sat it in the fridge to cool quickly.
Once my pasta was cool, I added about 1/4 cup of my dressing to get the pasta wet.

Then I added my chopped veggies and another 1/4 cup of dressing.

Then I tossed all of that together...

and sprinkled some feta cheese in...

...and then I dished out a yummy bowl all for myself!

I think it's a yummy lunch with crackers or fruit, or even dinner if you added chicken.  This would even be good to take to a summer picnic too!  You can store this in the fridge for about 3-4 days.  Typically the flavors get stronger as each day passes.  Hope you enjoy this recipe and try it our for yourself with your favorite veggies!  :)

I can't wait to post some things that I've done lately because of being a little bored around the house....I think you might get a good laugh or two!  Let's just say I'm starting to feel like Pablo Picasso!  Ha!  :)

Enjoy your day!

The Preacher's Wife

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