Monday, March 21, 2011

new things

I thought it would be fun to change around the design of my blog.  So far, I really like it and think that it's the perfect layout for spring!

Speaking of spring, this weekend was GORGEOUS!

We had a wonderful time hanging out with family friends that were in town and NEW friends! 

It was a weekend full of yummy food, good laughter, good movies, and just taking it easy.

We explored a little more of Wake Forest and found a cool place called The Factory.  It is a huge building that has a ton of different athletic fields in it.  There is a basketball court, soccer field, hockey rink, a YMCA, little shops you can look in, plenty of places to eat, jumpy gyms for little ones, and all kinds of fun things to do!  I can't wait to take the next visitors we have in town there!  That'd be you, Mom and Dad!  :) 

This weekend has also tested my patience with jobs!  I'm anxiously waiting to hear back from employers on whether or not I am going to get one of the positions that I have interviewed for.  I feel like I just sit by the phone for hours and hours waiting for them to call.  Hopefully I will hear something soon!  And no worries, I'll definitely let you know when I'm gainfully employed!  :)  Until then, I'm praying for lots of patience and for the right opportunity!

Enjoy this Monday!  It's the first Monday of Spring 2011!!  It's like a holiday I guess you could say!  I guess we should celebrate! 

The Preacher's Wife

P.S.  Let me know what you think about the new design.  I think I like it!

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