Monday, March 28, 2011

just call me pablo!

I've had cabin fever for a while now.  Just being honest.  We moved here in January and I'm still hoping and praying for a job soon.  I search aimlessly on the computer for hours every day and sometimes I just get bored with it and need a break.

This is how I took my break about a couple of weeks ago.

Let me tell you the story before you start thinking I've lost my mind.  Well you probably already think that.  I know I'm a little crazy and weird sometimes.  And yes, I do believe this was kind of a weird moment I had.  :)

The Story....

So, about a year ago my friend Krista and I were going to do some canvas painting at my apartment before I got married.  She was going to make a masterpiece for me since she is majoring in Art.  I was pumped about our little art party we were going to have and got a double pack of the thick, white canvas at Hobby Lobby (my all time favorite store).  Krista was going to bring the paint and and we were going to make a masterpiece!  :)

  Well we never got together to get our paint on (but hopefully one day we will) and I ended up moving to NC with two, blank canvas boards. 
And well, I got bored one day. 

I only had one paint brush in my craft box.

I only had a few paint colors too.

I didn't know what to paint so I just sat down at the table and tried to take my mind off of the stresses of finding a job, etc.

And you see what I came up with!  WOW!  After looking at it before I wrote "Laundry" on it I didn't know what I was going to do with it.  That's when I decided to make a masterpiece for my Laundry closet.  Ha!  Now this beautiful portrait probably won't be there long, but I had an awful lot of fun painting it.  I really felt like a big time artist.  If only I had an easel.  :)

I'm hoping maybe one day I can take a canvas painting class where I can really make a beautiful piece of art and actually hang it somewhere in my house where it will be seen a lot.  :)

Maybe one day.

Until then I'll just use the wrong kind of paint for my painting on canvas.  I still have one blank canvas left, so you never know when I might get the feeling to paint again!

Here is the beauty hanging in the closet...

I am now taking orders if you would like a masterpiece in your closet too!  :)

I hope this made you smile!  :)

Have a Marvelous Monday!

The Preacher's Wife

P.S.  I think you''ll be glad to know that I'm starting a part-time job today so maybe I will do better at keeping my sanity in tact and not paint portraits for my closets.  :)

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