Monday, March 14, 2011

we had cake :)

It was a GORGEOUS weekend in North Carolina!

Spring time weather was all around.  No need for a jacket...just beautiful sunshine and a crisp breeze.  Ahhhhh!

And just in case you were wondering...we had cake!  A fun, yummy, cute, ice cream cake for Preacher Man's birthday!  And it was TASTY...even if I did make it! 

My idea for the cake turned out rather swell!  It turned out to have five layers and it looked like a giant, fluffy marshmallow.  Here's the finished product....

 I had everyone in the kitchen helping me put together the cake because I didn't want it to melt.  My sou-chefs (or so I like to call them) were:  Preacher Man, Andrew (P.M.'s BFF), Maw (P.M.'s Grandmother), and Nancy (P.M.'s Mom).  Maw and I stacked the cakes quickly, Andrew helped me frost it, Preacher Man put the sprinkles on it, and Nancy captured every moment on camera.  I was very grateful for their help!  If I would have done it by myself, the cake would have probably turned out to be a big, melted puddle!  Ha! And just in case you were wandering about the sprinkles...Preacher Man put those on the cake.  It was very comical to watch!  He would take handfuls of sprinkles and throw them onto the side of the cake in hopes of them sticking to the side.  His method kinda, sorta worked I guess you could say.  He makes me laugh so's one of the things I love most about him.

Here he is smiling with the cake:

(I love whoever turned the lights off!) :)

and then about to make a wish.....(I think this picture is hilarious even though it's a bit blurry!)

Are you laughing yet?

Here's how the inside turned out with the five layers:

That poor bottom layer...he had a lot of weight to hold up!

And it sorta took up almost the entire freezer!

Other exciting happenings that went on this past weekend were:

1.  Shopping spree with Nancy and Maw in downtown Wake Forest, the mall, and a fun fabric store!  I had so much showing them around the area and I think they had a good time too.  We found all kinds of goodies that we liked and maybe even a few ideas for a new craft project for Maw and myself!  :)  One of the funnest parts of our shopping spree was the Shoe Department in Belk.  Nancy has the perfect size foot for all of the shoe models on the floor so I made her try on some outrageous shoes.  If they were the least bit cute I think I made her try them on.  It was hilarioius!  She'd put on a shoe with a ton of straps and a zipper up the back and I would try to convince her that she needed them!  So much fun!  She didn't buy any of the crazy shoes, but we did get some shoes!  Thanks for my new flip-flops Mom #2!  :)

2.  I finally got to use my plate that we got as a wedding gift (or well I picked it out with a gift card)!  It's my You Are Special Today Plate.  We used it for Preacher Man's birthday dinner.  It comes with a pen so you can write the special occassion on the back of the plate too!  This way we can pass it down in the family and then our future children can pass it down to remember all of the special things in our family!  So fun!   Here it is:

3.  We got a new grill!  Whoooo hoooo!!!  It's the cutest thing too!  It is so perfect for us right now.

We grilled filets on Saturday night and they were delish!  I also made twice baked potatoes, rolls, and salad to go along with it!  YUM, YUM, YUM!  It was sooo good!  I'm pumped about this grill!

4.  The High School that I graduated from won the State Tournament in Girls Basketball!  Go Chargerettes!  :)  So exciting!!  Then Duke won the ACC Tournament!  Whoo hooo!  Go Blue Devils!!  I am sad that Tennessee lost, but still happy about them being in the tournament!  It was a pretty good weekend in basketball!  :)

5.  Brackets came out for March Madness!!  Whoo hoooooo!!!  I LOVE this time of year!  I printed off my bracket and got right down to filling it out....this is what I did:

I like Duke!  Just a little!  :)

I didn't take a picture of my husband's because his is just dreadful.  He has North Carolina (gross!) winning the whole dance.  I just don't think so!!!

It was a fantastic weekend!  So good to have family in town!  March is gonna be a good month because we've got visitors almost every weekend!  Yay!!!

Now we start a new week....back to the real world!

AND I think it's supposed to get in the mid 70's later in the week here!  Sweet!  That'll make for a good week!

Everyone enjoy your Monday!

The Preacher's Wife

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