Thursday, March 3, 2011

my big fat stack of greek note cards :)

It's not My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Not even close.

It's My Big Fat Stack of Greek Note Cards.

It's mid-terms for Preacher Man this week.  And since he's taking Greek, guess who helps him make notecards?

You're right, it's me!  :)

Would you just look at the stack of notecards that I did this week?

And would you look at the writing on these things?!  Do you know what these words mean?
I don't!  But I sure am getting good at writing in Greek!  Just look at those letters!!  Oooooooooo, Ahhhhhhhhh! 

Ok, here is a hint (or maybe the answers) as to what they mean...

Isn't that what you thought they meant?  I know it is!!  I knew it too! ;)

I sure don't miss school right now.

I like this side of the card the best...that is the English!  :)

Here, let me make you a Greek sentence and you can guess what it means...

Any guesses?!

Come on....

I'm sure you know what this means!!

Ok, ok....I'll give you the answer..

Get ready and tilt your head to the right....

Is it what you thought it would be?!

Now I understand that due to conjugating verbs, etc this line up is probably all wrong, but it's still fun to line them up and act like I know what I'm doing....speaking this Greek and all!  :)  Haha!
Here's another.  It might be easier...

Hint:  You have said this word before.  Maybe even today.

It's two letters!


You know it?

And the answer is....

Haha!  That's a fun one!

Thanks for playing!

Everyone wins today!! 


It's almost Spring Break and Midterms are almost over!

Thank goodness!

Everyone have a wonderful day and tell someone you know that you learned some Greek words today!  :)

The Preacher's Wife

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