Monday, March 7, 2011

the harlem glooooobbbeeetrrrooottteerrrrsssss

I really hope you read the title of this post like Oprah says when she's really excited about something.  That's how I thought it should go when I was typing it.

That's because I'm excited about this post!

I wish I could record my sister saying this.  She does a fabulous Oprah impression.   It's hilarious and will almost make you have an accident in your pants because it is so funny!  Ha!

This past weekend was fantastic!

I took Preacher Man to see the Harlem Globetrotters for his birthday.

And yes, he will be 27!  :)

I think we are both reverting back to childhood.  We went to the Circus last month with a bunch of kiddies, and this month we went to see the Globetrotters where there were way more "hood-lums" running around than there were adults.  What can I say, we like feeling like we're kids again!

AND let's not forget that seeing the Harlem Globetrotters in person was on Preacher Man's bucket list....and well, I got to help him check it off!  Yay!!!

Here are some pictures from our fun weekend...

A picture of our ticket....Why yes, I did give the gift of entertainment!  :)

The RBC Center where the Trotters were and where NC State plays basketball...

Can you guess who just had to go look at the merchandise for sale!?  He was calling me to tell me all of the prices...

And you know what he wanted?!
(photo from their website)

You know how much they were?! 
He didn't buy them, but he sure came close to.
Wouldn't he just be so cute inthese?!  I'm not sure if the would look like a basketball player or if he looked like he should be somewhere else?!  What to you think?

Killing time before it started...we kinda got there an hour early.  :)

We sometimes have a hard time taking normal pictures.

Look, Mom!  The lady gave us a FREE cup of ice to share our 20 oz. Diet Mt. Dew!  Ha!

A somewhat normal picture...except I look a bit excited!  :)

Here was our host for the game...

Our pre-game show was musical chairs!

Are you ready for the Globetrotters???!!!???!!!!

Warming up...

showing off...

Ready for the tip-off...

playing hard!

They also had a penalty box!  Haha....I thought it was a basketball game!

They decided to act like they were playing football on the basketball court....pretty funny!

and they also just slide all around on the floor and play was amazing to watch!

And this guy...his name is "Big Easy"!  He got put in the penalty box.  :(
And guess what?!
He's on the Amazing fun!

And the Globetrotters win against the Generals!

That's a ballgame!

We had so much fun at the game and I would definitely recommend going to see them if you ever get the chance!

And here's a few other pictures from the weekend...

This is a picture of Preacher Man's biscuits.  I make the dough and he pats them out.  He is the best biscuit patter-outer that I know.  I think they are just perfect!  Take a look...

I also got a bit crafty this weekend and made this wreath!  I just LOVE it!

No worries, I'll be sure to post a step-by-step tutorial on how to make them!  :)

And we topped the weekend off with a yummy pizza from a local pizza joint!  Yum, yum, YUM!

It was a great weekend and we're looking forward to a great week ahead celebrating Preacher Man's birthday!  Yay!

Happy Monday!

The Preacher's Wife


  1. Looking forward to that tutorial as well!!! Man you need to be like a "good-wife" trainer lol

  2. I actually said the name of your post today in my Oprah voice before I ever read what you had typed! :) I'll be sure to do my impression for you soon! Love you!