Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hooray for the Circus!

The Circus was a ton of fun this past weekend!  I felt like I was five again and it was a WONDERFUL feeling.  I went to the Circus when I was little and I remember loving it, but I know that I didn't appreciate the entertainment then like I did this past weekend.  The things that the circus performers did were unbelieveable.  There were some extremely talented people who could do things I would never think or imagine of being able to do.  I took a ton of pictures and have posted quite a few below.  Check out my time at the circus....

 Pre-show with Elephant paintings...
They even had a drawing for the painting!
Wouldn't you just love this in your house?!  Ha!
Amazing strengh!  He threw her around like she was a tennis ball!
During the pre-show, Andrew was able to overcome his fear of clowns and actually get his picture taken with one!  :)  Yay Andrew!
The show is about to begin!!!!!!!
But first, we must sing the National Anthem....
and twirl our glow sticks around in the air!  (I remember getting a light up sword when I went to the Circus back in the day!)
Here comes the show!
All aboard the Barnum & Bailey Circus Show....
So much to see, so much to do, and fun for every age!
ooopppsss...time-out..the scooper of you know....
and this little guy was everywhere....he just kinda popped up in or after every little thing that was done
  Flying through the air on rings
 Here come the tigers
 My hands were pretty clammy the whole time this was going on...
  Jump up here, Mr. Tiger!
 See, here's the little man...
 Walking the tightrope.  This made me nervous too!
 Three people high!
Now let's all get on our dirt bikes and ride around in a big caged ball!  That's a great plan!
 Round and round they go!
 And here is the little guy coming for his turn!
 Little Miniature Horses...this picture is for you Mom!  Maybe Dad will let you have one some day.
Guys just doing flips...ya know, every day normal stuff for them!  It was unreal!
 And the elephants...
  ohh the elephants make me laugh...here is one holding a dog in a basket!
and this one just got tired and laid down...
 Up and at 'em boys and girls!
 Trapeze time!
 These little colorful outfitted people did crazy jumps and flips from one trampoline to the next
 and they also jumped through these hoops!
 Time to wrap up the show...
 Thanks for coming everyone!
 See ya next year!  (the little guy is still there!)
 (and of course, he jumps off of the train and goes jumping on the trampoline!)
Our fun crew at the circus (minus Greg because he was taking the picture)!  
The circus was a blast!  So many fun things to see, eat, and do there!  We really enjoyed it!

I highly recommend going to the Circus soon!  It was a blast...and it really is fun for all ages!  :)

Have a great day!

Love, The Preacher's Wife

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